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Malgus after Onslaught. !(Spoilers allowed!)

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Malgus after Onslaught. !(Spoilers allowed!)

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04.06.2021 , 03:19 PM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by Minzurion View Post
My guess is for the four possible ways:

Loyal to the Empire: You will either help Malgus defeat Acina/Vowrawn or kill him
Saboteur of the Empire: Malgus finds out (somehow) that you were working for the Republic and you have to kill him. Despite the rescue of Acina/Vowrawn. You are exiled and can no longer enter Empire territory.

Loyal to the Republic: Malgus is the new Emperor. Deal with it.
Saboteur of the Republic: Malgus is the new Emperor, thanks to you. He makes that official so you are now Republics Most Wanted. You can't enter Republic territory without being shot at.

The problem I see with two points ---- fleet access and story....

being exiled from your original faction if you chose saboteur ...

you can not go back to your fleet (even if most people don't use their fleet anymore, it would still be a bummer .. and just not good ... )
WHAT in Heavens name would the other faction do with you ? let you in their fleet ? have a different storyline for those of us who chose to defect ?
I don't see the logic in totally casting us out of either faction-- which is probably what would happen ..
and then the devs would have to figure out a way to make the game playable again -- NEW story --
which at this point, <sigh> would just paint us into another corner ...
what to do ? we have to have fleet access somewhere .. just makes sense ...
are the devs going to turn around and make that fleet correction ?-- it would be fun and nice, but ..
I seriously doubt it
Hate to say it, but this sounds like an "end of the game" thing -- like no more game -- which isn't going to happen any time soon .. sooooo

Don't wish for something that means -- "hey end of game, now we can do anything with story we want to" ..
thrown out of your faction ? --- "hey no problem, end of game " ..
like the last episode of a long running TV show .. (looking at YOU Forever Knight) I won't spoil it for you if you never saw it -- I wish I hadn't , and I was a big fan -- but ANYthing goes .. and usually does ...
Do we really want this ? Do we really want there to be no where for a saboteur to go ? New story line -- great, but would we get it ?

And please don't get me wrong -- I would dearly LOVE a new story where we are found out and really go to our new faction -- but again , is it doable realistically ?
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04.07.2021 , 12:38 AM | #62
Well, it would be possible but if we'd forget that we can fly to faction signed planets or fleet. I mean, in that case it'd be "non canon" or soemthing. Odessen would be hub for saboteurs and Coruscant or Rep fleet would be available for saboteurs still, but they wouldn't get mission from there or something.

Did I wrote it understandably? xD

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04.07.2021 , 02:19 PM | #63
missions -- forgot about missions ---
missions on the fleets (thinking of all those on Yavin); where would they go? --- and others you get strictly from the fleets;
as well as the special venders there ....
lots of work for the devs to do -- would they be willing to go that far for the story ?

As a semi role player, yes, it matters -- that is why I don't use certain companions for game play -- just me
Everquest to Star Wars Old Republic .....
from Swords and Shields to Blasters and Rockets .......