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New Star Wars Movies 2022 and beyond....

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New Star Wars Movies 2022 and beyond....

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03.30.2020 , 08:12 AM | #41
P.S. like:

All that said about Ewoks, HK-47 has to be considered the pinnacle of the comedians-combining-fun-and -wisdom and the epitome of the ... Sages of Comedy!!
Obviously I speak about HK-47's presence in (at?) both (BioWare's) SW:KotOR and (Obsidian's) SW:KotORII;TSL!!

However HK-47 isn't (and can't be) relaxing; only an Ewok etc. can be so. As a counter-example C3-PO can't be relaxing because he is, a little-bit, ... untrustworthy ... and R2-D2 is present (and needed) mostly in hard times...

Therefore HK-47 (obviously a Drew Karpyshyn's invention) is the next (and perhaps the final!...) step in the funny part of the SW Saga, something than even George Lucas had not created; perhaps there wasn't place for something like that in the SW movies, nevertheless it's a greatest invention!! Obsidian's KotOR2 did ... really proper use of that ... titanic fun-and-wisdom generator also!!

By the way there are some creations within the SW Galaxy that I consider equally great with George Lucas' creations; firstly Obsidian Entertainment-Chris Avellone's SW:KotORII;TSL (for many, very important and pretty obvious reasons...) and then Alexander Freed's comic SW:TOR;BotE. This (short!!) comic is -by far- the most profound, wide and essential presentation of a traditional Sith society (here the SW:TOR Sith Empire) and a relevant, extremely noteworthy, pretty convincing and essentially remarkable Sith hero/anti-hero!!
Imho those works are real artistic achievements!!...

The bottom line is that any remarkable SW work has (comparatively) two advantages (!!...) over ... such monumental masterpieces as "Hamlet", "Richard III", "The Brothers Karamazov", "The Godfather" and "Children of the Arbat"; firstly some (...) economy of some artistic sort (due to the Force concept, that permits to represent and comment on social, political etc. structures and processes -and some relevant philosophical concepts- without the exact need of the explicit analysis of their creation, structure and functionality) and, then, the ability -due to the Force concept again!- to address much, much wider audiences than the -comparatively- very limited audiences of the aforementioned "top" masterpieces, works that however address only a hardcore part of the intelligentsia...

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04.03.2020 , 09:16 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by cunctatorg View Post
I find Ewoks funny enough, both in George Lucas' Star Wars Episode VI and in SW:TOR also; there the Ewok (female?...) companion is very-very funny, coolest and pretty relaxing!!
Surely Ewoks are walking the path of the best, old Disney's tradition of cartoons and such!...

What is ... PT? I can't copy with such acronyms as OT, PT etc.
Pt = Prequil Trilogy.

Ewoks as fun as they are they were only created to sell toys hence the Saturday Morning Cartoon and 2 made for tv movies. Lucas did far more merchendising and milking of hte Star Wars then Disney could posibly dream off.

I mean... this exists

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04.04.2020 , 05:27 PM | #43
So the movies are going to be a prequel trilogy of the prequel trilogy of the prequel trilogy of the sequel trilogy i thiiink?? I'm confused.....
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04.08.2020 , 12:34 PM | #44
One essential point -regarding SW movies ... or trilogies- has to do with the making of many masterpieces as "The Godfather", "Rashomon", "The Bridge on the River Kwai" etc. etc.

Francis Ford Coppola had the vision of such a masterpiece of movies and was the director, however he had worked on Mario Puzo's' (best selling) novel and he had written the screenplay together with the author himself...
Something similar happened with many other masterpieces of filmography.

It's is true that George Lucas, Andrei Tarkovski, Quentin Tarantino and many others worked the other way, they were both the (main) writers and directors of (almost all of) their movies (even Akira Kurosawa did so many times) but let's analyze this a little bit...
Let's consider the really interesting and profound grand-scale stories (and screenplays) within the SW Galaxy; is it probable that the author of any such SW story is also a capable director? Is it probable that any capable director (I don't speak about J.J. or R.J. ...) is also a creative writer?!?

The answer to the aforementioned rhetorical questions is pretty obvious, so does the conclusion.
In principle, the healthy and promising way to create captivating SW movies (Trilogies of movies that is...) is to create, for starters, a stock of captivating, profound and far-reaching, SW grand-scale stories.
After that you should spot a few really capable, well educated, extremely gifted directors who have interesting (and fresh ... though balanced, respectful of the Star Wars tradition also) ideas about the making of SW movies in general; the next step is to give them (under some contract of privacy or whatever...) these stories (firstly their concise descriptions) to read and the next (and very demanding, crucial...) step is to understand that some directors are not just interested but they are stimulated by some story, they have a true vision about that!!
The final step is (ideally) to repeat the (healthiest) recipe of "The Godfather" all around! Francis Ford Coppola was extremely interested for every detail of every scene of this movie of his, after all every scene had an important task to accomplish throughout the whole movie!! Regarding SW movies, the writers, the director (and the script-writers also!) have to "spread"/enlarge somehow and ... calibrate the screenplay, the scripts and the dialogues avoiding such traps as many (and ... exact, ... accurate in space-time...) hyperspace jumps, many lights and too many special effects, too many trivial (and, thus, fully predictable and boring) light-saber duels, "convenient" inconsistencies in the story-lines, many officers (there is always place for smugglers and bounty hunters within Star Wars!...) being previously smugglers, spice dealers and the like, ground battles as imitations of nowadays combats or combats of the past, an invasion army invading (from the space, via space transports!...) a world of, say, thirty billion inhabitants including ... one hundred (comparatively well equipped) million soldiers, many thousands of high-tech fighters and half a million of armored vehicles etc.
The model of any war within Star Wars should be the War in the Pacific during WW II or so, the fleets and armies of the Mandalorian Clans should rely on a reliable industrial base and a largest social one (of non-Mandalorian but, more or less, supportive character) and these base-societies must have a profound historical origin. Which is quite obvious at the era of high-tech wars and hyperspace campaigns. Similar (not the same) considerations for the Sith Empire(s) or the role of the Jedi Order and its interaction with the Republic authorities, the Republic Military, its Intelligence and so on...
Speaking about the model of the War in the Pacific, the main point is that the decisive operations (within Star Wars) have to be -obviously- the battles between space fleets, nothing else... However the correspondence between islands (during the Pacific War) and worlds (=mostly planets) within SW can't be exact for some aforementioned reasons; the obvious, convincing and serious, solution is the combination of the use of (very accurate or utterly devastating) orbital bombardment and ground operations versus critical, "isolated" targets such as centers of government, power plants, centers of communications, transportation etc.etc. Here the purpose of these, sparse, ground operations is not the destruction of the target but its seizure, its occupation; destruction has to be executed via orbital bombardment...
That whole concept, the use of the model of the War in the Pacific plus the important modifications (during that war you had to occupy the whole island and, thus, to fight for every square mile of it and against ... every single soldier of the enemy ... which would be absurd within Star Wars, namely during invasions on, vastly inhabited, worlds) is just one (essential) Paradigm of a serious, convincing (and thus ambitious and responsible) approach to Star Wars...
Another simple point is the continuous -and stubborn- appearance of Han Solo-like characters, mostly characters with a background as smugglers, bounty hunters and only that; SW:KotOR's Carth Onassi was a pretty useful and convincing character without such a background, the same is true for SW:KotOR II;TSL' Lieutenant Grenn, Captain Zheron etc. etc. A Star Wars story with too many characters from a few categories and no real characters of other categories can be neither plausible nor convincing or attractive, the simplification of every sort (and trivialization, almost ... "cartoonization", I haven't in mind Jar-Jar Binks at all, I have in mind the "military pilot" Poe Dameron or that "intelligence officer" Cassian Andor... ) of the vast majority of "normal" (i.e. non Force-users) characters is eventually a serious sign of artistic fraud (namely not a "Sollozzo business", a business of White Slavers instead) and part of a Paradigm of Star Wars exploitation, another case of contempt towards Star Wars and its (both actual and virtual) unfortunate fan-base...

That said, my point is that "The Godfather" should be not the epitome or the vision (because such an achievement isn't really feasible...) but the very limit of the relevant visions regarding SW movies...

Bottom line: A (somehow proper for Star Wars!...) and really important, very successful and very serious actor, Lino Ventura (...), had -among other very important things, cf. Wikipedia- said: "The story is everything. My good friend Jean Gabin told me 25 years ago there are three important things in movies: the story, the story and the story."

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04.21.2020 , 07:11 AM | #45
I love the SW universe, lore and all that. But since they are gonna create a new storyline etc wouldnt it be much better if they skipped ahead in the future instead of going old republic, high republic, Skywalker the first generation, Palpatine the Kindergarden years? I mean come on guys. Put some effort. Personally I am tired of watching expanding the old stories until you lose track. I would prefer to see what happened to the republic, new schemes. I mean the last trilogy wasnt good but at least they tried to finish the old arc. They should try to create new stroies etc.

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04.25.2020 , 06:05 AM | #46
As been said before. Though I'm super excited for The High Republic and the 'promise' of a young Yoda and the height of the Jedi Order. I'd really really prefer to get Revans story in a Series like The Mandalorian! That would be the most insane thing yet! Keanu Reaves would be an excellent choice too - Follow him from his time as a Newly Appointed Knight, to his crusade against the Mandalorians, his donning of the mask, his victory over Mandalore, and his fall to the Dark Side and his campaign as Darth Revan. Would be an AMAZING and epic cinematic story! (I'm dreaming here, I know. But wouldn't it be great!)
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04.25.2020 , 02:25 PM | #47
... "Only" common sense, responsibility and healthy businesses' ambition is needed in order to seek and spot the really gifted -and "mature", up to the task- writers and the proper -up to the task also- directors, the rest will come in due time!...
Meaning that almost every era and every configuration of characters may be successful. Drew Karpyshyn's choice of era and story is a firm evidence for that: his choice has been proved very much fruitful!...

Another evidence about that is the (great!) success of the RPG video-game Star Wars; Jedi Fallen Order by EA; according to Wikipedia, more than eight million copies by the end of January 2020 (!!) plus generally favorite reviews and critics; that's the definition of common sense, satisfactory artistic vision, responsibility and healthy business' ambition...

Keanu Reeves is not a gifted actor, on the contrary he is a prime example of an actor lacking a lot of basic skills and gifts... His ability to perform the role of a contradictory, far-sighted and very demanding role (as e.g. Revan is...) is not even questionable... After all, his career during the last fifteen years is a reliable testimony about his true caliber and the lack of trust from the part of the Studios... However someone could always follow the doctrine: "In Force we trust!..." After all, there is a natural ... resemblance between him and SW:TOR' Revan!...
Of course Keanu Reeves' financial demands would be not a great burden for the producers, nevertheless his selection would be a clear evidence for the further deterioration -and overall- cheapening of every aspect of Star Wars... Namely the overall abandonment of any ambition regarding the quality of Star Wars movies from the part of Kathleen Kennedy's ... Lucas Arts and Disney of course.
They made use of really gifted and ambitious actors like Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver (not to forget such iconic actors as Harrison Ford and Ian McDiarmid) and the result was -partially- disappointing and comparatively one billion less profitable than should be, any Keanu Reeves project would be about a Star Wars garbage... Not even a joke.

I have to repeat that during the last fifteen years Keanu Reeves keeps performing only in fourth rate action movies and, the worst, he isn't even trying to act!... I would consider to give him a secondary role (and a second chance?) in a (really ambitious) Star Wars movie under the condition that he will promise to deliver an acting performance ... though the man seems to have lost his confidence, his determination and even his flame, every impulse for creativity... By the way the same goes for another promising (long ago) actor who always adapts a very sad, utterly anxious, awfully (if not terminally) confused and dramatic persona and that's that... I don't remember now his name but the bottom line is the following: if Disney decides to deliver an ambitious Star Wars movie, he could choose among a lot of very gifted, serious, firmly established, successful actors; from the top of my head ... Vigo Mortensen would agree -perhaps- to take part in such a movie only after studying and embracing the whole story etc. The good thing is that there are quite a few such strong and serious actors like him!

However there will be always the hope for a good SW video-game; you can't hope to produce a successful project of that kind while you are mocking simultaneously the hopeful vic..., errh, the candidate buyers!

P.S.: Nicolas Cage is the aforementioned ... awfully boring (imho) actor; I don't even take the risk (anymore...) to watch his movies though I have to admit that I am a quite daring (adventurous and curious...) fan -and even observer- of cinema... The same goes for Keanu Reeves of course, perhaps nobody else...

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05.08.2020 , 05:28 PM | #48
It is written -of course I don't buy it ... to the last penny- that either Bob Iger or Bob Chapek (or both) are interested to bridge the gap between Disney and "the majority of the Star Wars fan-base".

This gap is due to Disney's ... rush and it is also due to Disney's ... main existing policies, its very philosophy... I have much written about this elsewhere and there is no need to repeat all that.
This gap, due to Disney, isn't just between the Corporation and the "Star Wars fan-base", it is between Disney and all serious and demanding audiences which are, simultaneously, hopeful Star Wars spectators and fans...
I have written also about the importance of the existence of this gap, the importance (and probable repercussions) of the bridging of that gap...

To begin with, the Disney guys have to make up their mind about the sorts (in any case there will be a few of course...) of SW movies (and TV series) they are into.
They also have to make up their minds about the sorts of audiences they are interested to keep contact with...
It is quite obvious that these two choices are interrelated.
It is (less?) obvious also that there are inherent -great- issues, regarding those choices and the possible expansion to "serious and demanding audiences", in fact there are very serious and complex issues regarding all that.

I am pretty convinced however that Disney is obliged to face that heavy dilemma and to give one answer or another...

Once this fundamental question is (one way or another...) answered, the rest will follow sooner ... or later.