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Female body type 1 hype?

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01.22.2021 , 08:12 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthTyranid View Post
Female faces look way better on body type 1.
Just goes to show, everyone likes different things.!

Personally I think the face on bt1 is the worst of the four. The proportions are all off, mainly with the chins being too small giving the faces a pinched look. Bt2 is my over all favorite, with a good figure and faces. Bt 4 is next, also with a pleasing figure and the best faces, but they have armor clipping issues which makes it much harder to put together outfits. I use bt3 for variety. Some of the aliens are great in bt3, but with their perfect athlete build, they are harder to dress. Bt1 is just meh. Not bad, not good and the faces look odd, which works for some aliens, but definitely not for humans.
My name is Milind. I checked it again and can confirm you there is no bug with any companion in the game.

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01.22.2021 , 09:18 PM | #12
Cannot say that I really pay that much attention to what other players are doing or how their character looks, not once in all the time I have played have I ever stopped to look at other players armour sets or player accomplishments. Did not know that was even a thing until it was mentioned here on the forums some years back.

players play which body type they prefer, in that no player is any different to you.

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01.23.2021 , 11:23 AM | #13
One of my main characters is a Female Chiss BT4 Sniper, and I quickly found her 'backside' was a bit of an issue as long rifles tend to obviously 'clip' though a cheek when stowed on her back: She's used a 'Infiltrator’s Compact Sniper Rifle' for most of the last nine years as it is just short enough when stowed to get around this (I picked up a 'X-55 Riot Infiltrator' at some point as well, but that weapon just looks wrong when stowed over the shoulder due to its really short length).