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Hypercrate relative value?

Aecheon's Avatar

11.11.2019 , 06:19 PM | #1
I was considering buying a hypercrate for various reasons, for cool armors, dyes, crystals, basically any reason you'd normally want one plus of course a way to earn (hopefully) a ton of credits. The problem I have is that I haven't really played in a good long while and I just don't have any idea of the relative credit value of the items contained within hypercrates.

I first looked at youtube to see if anyone had a semi recent review of them (hypercrates) but the newest I personally found was 2015 which feel significantly dated.

Can any one provide some feedback to me regarding what I can expect when buying a hypercrate? Thanks.
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11.11.2019 , 07:35 PM | #2
I suggest reposting this in General Discussion, this forum is for the discussion of the wider Star Wars universe, not SWTOR (there is much more traffic over there too)
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11.12.2019 , 02:07 AM | #3
If you're buying it for the fun of opening it, go to it. (A pittance of credits for selling off unwanted bronze junk is just that, a pittance.)(1)

If you're buying it for the hope of making credits, just sell the unopened crate, or open the crate to get the packs out and sell them *unopened*.

If you're buying it for any other reason, you're wrong.

(1) Important note: the Ultimate crates are able to drop *anything* that could drop in any earlier crate *or* any direct-only item in the same categories of stuff. Items will be 85% bronze rarity, 10% silver, 5% gold, with platinum items hiding in the rounding errors of the other three. Any one specific item will be so infrequent that it's even less worth the effort of opening crates *for* an item.
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11.14.2019 , 12:21 PM | #4
I put hypercrate's at the 150 million mark. Even 150m is big risk.

But the drop rates do seem to be better.

Don't buy hypercrate with CC, just buy some 1500cc armor that you can sell for 200m. Then buy the hypercrate with that and save some CC.
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