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What's your favourite/most fun activity in SWTOR? Rank in order

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What's your favourite/most fun activity in SWTOR? Rank in order

Macetheace's Avatar

02.26.2021 , 02:55 PM | #1
So what do you enjoying doing most in the game

whats the most fun thing to do in SWTOR?
1. Operations?
2. Flash Points?
3. Uprisings?
4. PvP Warzones?
5. Pvp Arena?
6. World ganking noobs
7. Galactic Star Fighter?
8. Space Combat?
9. Stronghold decorating?
10. Buying and selling on GTN,
11. Cartel market stuff - browsing, buying, opening up packs etc?
12. Crew skills fiddling?
13. Dressing up your character with outfits?
14. Training dummy practicing and parsing
15. Special Events? Anyone in particular? i.e. things like Rakghoul event, Gree, Swoopers etc
16. Class stories and themes?
17. Conquest? Especially guild conquest rush
18. Levelling and general questing?
19. Dailies? Like Heroics and heroic areas?
20. Highly specialised story arcs like KoftE onwards?
21. General chat convos and messing around with people,
22. Guild social interactions and community?

It's okay to have a clear favourite or a mix and match.

Also mind speciffying what particularly you like about them, and why? Also if you are pickign things like FPs, OPs, Warzoness, levelling etc, it would help to specify which specifc ones, or planets , maps etc you particularly like.
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xordevoreaux's Avatar

02.26.2021 , 04:04 PM | #2
Given that I'm GL of ... I'm losing count here... 8 guilds, I would have to say my favorite activity in the game is guild administrator.
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02.27.2021 , 09:38 AM | #3
I used to make custom action figures and scale sets for them. The Stronghold Decorating and Character Outfit Designer appeal that part of me. I know I'm rather "a grown man playing with VR dolls and a VR dollhouse", but I find it very relaxing. Someday I'll get all my action figure stuff unpacked. ( I packed it up when I moved a long time ago and never unpacked it )

My favorite thing about the game however, is the friends I have made playing it. Getting together with my buddies and just hanging out and watching them deco their SH, or running some content together is always a good time. So, the social aspect of the game is very rewarding to me.

The Cool thing about this game is there is a so much variety in the available activities. Get bored with one thing and you can just go do something else. There is also a lot of acreage in terms of explorable game space. Sometimes it's fun to just wander around and take in the little details you find here and there.

Damask_Rose's Avatar

02.27.2021 , 08:43 PM | #4
1. Leveling through questing.
2. Collecting (which has gotten pretty stale the past few years since so little new stuff is being added.)
3. Dress up
4. Decorating (also stale since the newer strongholds are way too big for my taste and decos are way too expensive.)
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GeneralGyro's Avatar

02.27.2021 , 10:09 PM | #5
class stories

Suzsi's Avatar

02.28.2021 , 08:46 AM | #6
Any and all story.


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ThanderSnB's Avatar

02.28.2021 , 04:25 PM | #7
Not in any order:
Creating characters and roleplaying through the story. - I've pretty much seen all the story except a few of the dark side choices, so I'm not doing this a whole lot these days but it's what got me playing the game in the beginning.

Leveling alts with different disciplines. - My ultimate goal to have one of each discipline at max level but I'm not rushing, maybe 1 alt a month.

Collecting conquest points. - There's no reward beyond 50,000, but I find it fun to get lots of points. Some weeks the guild will try to get first place for the achievements/titles, and it's fun to see how many I can get.

Playing with guildmates - Groups form for various activities all the time in the guild. I like to do this and collect conquest points at the same time.

Gearing up alts - I'm mostly done with this, but I wanted to get 6 piece set + tactical for each advanced class (16). I finished that goal and now I'm just getting basic non-set 306 gear for any other alts that hit max level. Extra tech fragments go towards legendary embers that I can sell or donate to the guild crafters.

ForfiniteStories's Avatar

03.01.2021 , 04:36 PM | #8
Pretty much just Galactic Starfighter at this point, though that seems to have always been my primary activity, despite the fact that I always had an interest in everything the game offers.

The reasons for that are a few; GSF is completely independent from the gearing system, the need to group, and the need to subscribe. It also pops frequently. My favorite thing about Star Wars is the starfighters, particularly those of the Galactic Civil War and shortly thereafter.

I used to PvP often, but the gearing treadmill and the removal of PvP gear burnt me out in that regard.

I was also really into story content, but that has suffered over the years, so I can't say I really care anymore.

I never managed to dip my toes into PvE content. Besides the struggle of finding a group for anything in that regard, the few guilds that I did join that at least somewhat partook in said content weren't comforting.
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