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Data Crystals Not Being Rewarded for Rakghoul & Bounty Event Missions

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Data Crystals Not Being Rewarded for Rakghoul & Bounty Event Missions

Raethyn's Avatar

11.17.2015 , 11:23 PM | #1
Though other players report earning Common or Glowing Data Crystals (depending on Chr Level) for completing missions during last week's Rakghoul event, none of my alts (Lv61-65) earned any Data Crystals for competing the Rakghoul daily missions or heroic. The only event-related Data Crystals I earned were for downing the Eyeless, but even then the Weekly mission for defeating the Eyeless did not reward Data Crystals.

I had a similar though slightly different experience during the first Bounty Week 4.0. There, my alts (LV60-65) earned Data Crystals on their first Bounty turn-in but would not earn any Data Crystals when turning in Bounties later that week (whether Henchman or Kingpin bounty).

Not sure if this is a Bug or intended. Perhaps my event-related Rep (Legend in both) is affecting the reward. If this is an intended change with 4.0 it dramatically limits the utility of participating in these events.

Beavisan's Avatar

11.25.2015 , 08:55 AM | #2
I am seeing this as well. On one of my characters(Level 65) that has completed Chapter 9 of KotFE, the Bounty daily mission does not offer Glowing Data Crystals. But on my other characters(both 60) that have not started KotFE, the Bounty daily missions offer 2 Glowing Data Crystals in the mission rewards.

Wintersong's Avatar

11.26.2015 , 03:30 PM | #3
I can confirm this problem still exists with this week's Bounty Contract event. For the two characters I have finished chapter 9 of KotFE with (both level 65) no Data Crystals show up as a reward for any of the bounty missions, henchman or kingpin. My level 60 guardian who hasn't started KotFE yet, however, is offered 2 Glowing Data Crystals for the henchman and 3 for the kingpin bounties.

It was the same with the last Rakghoul event. My main who had already finished KotFE at that time did not receive any Data Crystals from any of the dailies, though I didn't check with any of my alts.