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Basic Tanking guide with taunt guide

Island_Jedi's Avatar

10.09.2015 , 06:02 PM | #1
Many, many tanks in this game do not understand the basics of tanking! I just wanted to put out some resources for newer players and one trick even veterans can use!

Click this video for some great tips on tanking and taunting.
Dak's Basic Tanking Video
Daklar Punishment

gabigool's Avatar

10.09.2015 , 10:29 PM | #2
Good stuff.

I believe the range cutoff for the 1.1/1.3 is 2.75m not 4.

Note that leaps will bring you to 1.0m so you'd want to back up to 2.76 before your first taunt if you initiate with a leap.

BTW the flip side of this is identical WRT agro. Someone within 2.75m needs to get to 1.1 of your threat to pull agro while someone outside 2.75 needs to be at 1.3.

Thus, it behooves both tanks and melee dps to be 2.76+

Island_Jedi's Avatar

10.10.2015 , 03:56 AM | #3
its 4 from the center of the bosses frames which can change depending on the size of the boss. In most circumstances being outside 2.5 meters will allow you to get the 1.3 multiplier because your distance meter measures from the outside of the bosses frames vs the center.
Daklar Punishment