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"You've Got Bad Gear....."

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09.28.2015 , 07:39 AM | #151
Quote: Originally Posted by Astaldoath View Post
*** r u talking about level 60 is max level....
He is either breaking his NDA, repeating what he heard on Reddit, and/or making it up.

I doubt Bioware has set the new FPs all to 11 (i.e., Underlurker).

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09.28.2015 , 02:36 PM | #152
Quote: Originally Posted by thewitchdoctor View Post
He is either breaking his NDA, repeating what he heard on Reddit, and/or making it up.
Or, you know, harnessing the power of the trolls.
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09.28.2015 , 05:30 PM | #153
Quote: Originally Posted by Astaldoath View Post
*** r u talking about level 60 is max level....
there is this expansion coming out in less than a month? its called KOTFE, you should read up on it, its kinda cool.

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10.02.2015 , 06:16 AM | #154
Yesterday I was sending lots of self-crafted gear via in-game mail to someone who was really struggling on Coruscant because of being in the Jedi Temple with level 9 gear while being level 14 ...
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10.08.2015 , 01:29 AM | #155
Last night a study in frustration or i got trolled. Zoning into republic fleet see a Maelstrom Prison request, i try to be a good guy and ask is he after the HK part, since I've taken several people on speed runs to claim the part at the end usually no bonuses, we bypass bosses we can, and get it done , but his reply "what part" he says he is a returning player and just wants to do the fp and can't get help. So i say sure meet me on the Telos and we set off i break out Doc to keep him alive, because even though he is level 42 sentinel and this is story mode, in examining his gear he has a mix of gear with aim and cunning all over the place. We hit a few bosses and nice robe drops with the proper mods for his class and i advise him to put it on, and just mention nicely that aim and cunning will do nothing for a sent but get him in trouble with hard bosses. He says he appreciates my advise and i tell him after the flashpoint ill "hook him up" with some decent gear and mods, since i too am a sent with all 198 gear except my relics and mainhand hilt. We finish up and head back to the fleet where i "introduce " him to adaptive gear, he had some on but the mods were for level 33 so he had never upgraded . So i hit GTN buy implants and earpiece adaptive wrists, legs, waist , and boots, for him (I had people early on do the same for me when i was learning the game, maybe not to this extent , but i try to pay it forward) also two power crystals at 275K a pop plus using my basic comms to get him all the proper mods for our class and his level. I then take him to the modification station and explain how to upgrade his stuff. Throughout the whole he was very grateful and i tell him just to help others when he get the chance after he learns the game, i then help him with his watchman utility points so he can be more effective when engaging enemies. All is going well and i get another whisper from a guy asking about token gear and set bonuses, so i leave the sent at the mod station, taking one last inspection to see that he is now starting to have the right stats. I group with the other guy and we discuss set bonuses and what effect changing mods will have on the set and we finish up. I then by chance come across the sent at the commendations mod vendor and I whisper asking hows it going he says he is buying more mods. I do a quick inspection and he has aim cunning and will power mods all over the place again, I ask him what happened, he gives me this is no biggy and that he is going to sell this gear anyway soon. Like I said i try to be a nice guy, so i tell him hey its your game bro i was just trying to help and move on..... a whole 45 mins wasted.