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Nature of Progress Nightmare Progression Board

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Nature of Progress Nightmare Progression Board

SineOris's Avatar

01.19.2021 , 03:38 PM | #181
Team Mango coming back from 3 years break to claim world last apex nim
full team without getting carried by fc players
Biggest drama clown on server - Foolish parody of a tank
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DarthYun's Avatar

01.19.2021 , 04:16 PM | #182
I am back from my vacation and I had a blast tank you.

Good job everyone with the recent clears and thanks for the posts. Special thanks goes to the people that got timed run and posted a video of actually doing the 1:30 cause as we all know there are some shenanigens going on.

I will still try to maintain this thread but don't be mad at me when updates are slow

Good luck with your raids and I will be looking forward to your kills.
pre nerf Bane of Baneful Banthas
Pre Nerf Bane of Izax
Pre Nerf Revanchist
Deposer of the Fortress
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2014 Revanchist
World First Tyth
World First Repside Sisters pre 248 gear
Server First EC timed
pre nerf ravenchist
post buff raven
pre German world first repside Nahut (0 deaths)
World 1st Izax repside without memes
World 1st Izax 15.5m (also without memes but with meme people)
world 2nd original roster Gods Timed (no kicks)
World 2nd timed without exploits (knightmera poweru)
world first main repside team gods timed nim impside timed run timed (nightmare power)
World 1st Collicoid Queen 8m HM (no graba jerba)
World 1st Collicoid Queer 16m HM (no enrage 5 stack ez timed)
World 1st NO PRED Dxun Reaper