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The Alliance must disband...Now.

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The Alliance must disband...Now.

Paulsutherland's Avatar

01.11.2020 , 06:53 AM | #61
Yeah I don't want to blindly dive back into another pointless war either. I'd rather sit on the side lines with the Alliance and slowly rebuild while everyone else kills each other.

Zehal's Avatar

01.11.2020 , 11:29 AM | #62
I Agree to disagree with most of your post. To each its own I guess... most people before me have said exactly what I was thinking to post on my disagreement so Ill spare you the wall text a "little", BUT:

I will mention however, that sadly no matter what direction SWTOR story team takes us... (Faction wars or Alliance etc...) when they took out class story identity to unify it in one story... it DID impact the story of the game greatly and not entirely in a positive way. (Not that I blame the team with the uncertainty that's hovering over the game future, or how much limitations they might have to push content out)

"The Playable character or Avatar is the Lens for which the player experience the SWTOR content"

By not following the starting class successful identity formula or at the very least added more strongly felt variation on the main story to identify our character role in this universe of SW Legends... it robe most or some of the player base its personal attachment, identity and/or agency...damaging the immersion greatly (by eliminating all that identity we gain in the previous class/faction stories), not to mention the game lost most of its replay value once your done with the class/faction stories. (Kinda hoping they add a Chapter section on the old content too, I love to replay my unique class story) Not gonna even get started how weird and off the story arc before the Alliance feels if your not a force user...

So I kinda see where your at with how you feel about it, even if I disagree with most of you mention. Keeping my fingers cross for the up-coming new story arc... But I got a good feeling about what SWTOR have cooking up for us... Everything (The Alliance Role, the Factions, Zakuul, Iokath...) feels like its coming together finally... (IMO)

Huntleum's Avatar

01.30.2020 , 12:36 AM | #63
The day the force the alliance to disband is the day i stop playing this game, i spent way too many hours grinding rank 20 influence with almost all of the alliance specialist on multiple characters so if it would ever be forcefully stripped from me i would be very heated. Giving us a choice whether to disband it or not was the perfect move they can make and they handled it well especially with some of those offers you get for rejoining.

The majority of my characters are going to stay independent but i will have 1 from each side rejoin just to see where the story goes and to see what happens to oddessen.

my sith warrior was mainly light side and did at first want to help jaesa with reshaping the empire because he didn't like many things about it and was way more merciful than any sith but after building the alliance he decided that he was no longer sith and felt more free there.

My bounty hunter is a saboteur who i hope one day can actually fight for/with the republic (come on devs that line you threw in onslaught "when can i openly fight for the republic" and the whole "not yet thing" was such a dam tease"