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Please make Rage more durable

DarthSealth's Avatar

03.13.2018 , 01:31 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Alec_Fortescue View Post
Massive, nearly passive DR and 18 seconds of cc ( Guaranteed 12 + 6 secs of 75% from overpowered obfu) immunity, 3-5 seconds of god mode and possibility of a reset to heal to full mara lecturing people about ****** rage spec. xDDDDDDD Being able to heal for funny amounts means nothing in the meta where 25k crits are regular occurrence to a heavy armor class and you have no damage reduction, anti focus and worst melee mobility and your dcds have extremely easy counter play (reflect and ed).
Yeah the current buff to Rage + Pool hatred + armour set auto crit you can easily hit 42k on Furious strike.

Yes I agree your self heals should have never changed but comparing, complaining and asking basically for an all out DPS melee spec to be nerfed is abit silly does it sound familiar? Yes thatís the reason you lot got nerfed.

I preferred 4.0 when they suggested they was making Juggernauts into wrecking balls like they should be.

So if youíre aiming that comment at me youíre aiming it at the wrong person I agree but I disagree with putting any other spec in jeopardy to justify your argument.