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2v2 GSF Deathmatch Tournament

Drakkolich's Avatar

03.28.2020 , 04:38 PM | #11
The Tournament has come to a conclusion:

1st: Yui and Invis
2nd: Sylvi and Etri
3rd: Setej and Sprigellania

Congrats to everyone!

This was so much fun, I'll absolutely be doing this again, everyone seemed to have an absolute blast! We saw so many different ships, I had no idea what people would play and the variety of strategies with even only 5 teams was fantastic.

We many games that came down to a single point, and we even had a tie!

The vod will be up on my twitch channel for the next 2 weeks, but I also plan to get the matches themselves on youtube as fast as I can.

Thanks to everyone who participated it was just amazing!
The BastionTwitch Stream

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03.30.2020 , 04:17 PM | #12
To everyone interested in watching what was recorded I put up the matches that were on stream on Youtube.

If you'd like to see some matches from one of the players point of views here's a link to Yui's Youtube playlist of the tournament.

If any of the other players have Videos of the event please post them here, or if you'd like me to post them on your behalf just message and I'd be happy too.
The BastionTwitch Stream

catsi's Avatar

03.31.2020 , 11:06 AM | #13
Sprigs also got all 5 of her matches up on her youtube channel
Ana Tathis 70 JK, Serraphin 70 COM/VG, Naashasa 70 Sage, Calliann, 70 GS, Kae'ra 70JK, Phyera 70 Sage
Rhea-hawk 70 PT, Gaa'ra 70 Mara, Fio'on 70 AS/Sorc , Mirri'elle 70 OP, Narayssa 70 Jug