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A Question On Rotation

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12.21.2011 , 04:10 AM | #1
Hello there.

I'm a Level 37 Infiltrator-specced Shadow, and as I've been feeling a bit easily beaten-down I've been wondering whether or not I have a bad rotation. Generally I open up by stealthing into Shadow Strike, followed by Force Breach and Slow. Then I'll build up a bit more force and go to town with whatever is available to me, with particular emphasis on project and more Shadow Strikes if the opportunities arise.

I've been reading that many people prefer to open up with Double Strike/Clairvoyant Strike instead of Shadow Strike and then using Force Breach (because there is a higher chance to get a nastier Force Breach out of it), but when I do this I find that it makes little difference or at very least isn't as nasty as people suggest that it is.

Should I be sticking with my original opener (Shadow Strike -> Force Breach -> Force Slow -> Saber Strike -> Force Project -> etc...) or should I be focusing on refining a new one (Double Strike -> Force Breach -> Force Slow -> Force Project, w/ Shadow Strike interspersed as procs allow efficiently.)? Or does the acquisition of Clairvoyant Strike make this rotation a whole lot better than I'm expecting?

Note that I am not listing my full rotation here, as it is somewhat slapdashed on the spot. I usually attempt to stun and follow up with more Shadow Strikes as often as possible in particular.
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