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Help against Sentinals

MoolkBiggestOrk's Avatar

03.31.2013 , 10:15 PM | #1
Well 2.0 is coming out soon so this will all be obsolete soon I'm sure. Anyways, Im a lvl 50 operative in full WH. ( I stopped at WH cuz of 2.0 coming soon, no point in going all the way to EWH ) I tend not to have a problem with most classes 1v1 given we have similar gear on but the one class that sticks out as a pain in the *** for me is the Sentinal.

Vangaurds can give me a problem to, BUT they do it in a different way. If a vanguard wins, its because they outlasted me and managed to maintain decent dps until they wear me down. But Sentinals...omglulzrofl****, they not only have that survivability to run in the middle of 5 DPSers and pick someone out, but then they have the ability to burst DPS half of my HP down in like 3 seconds, if not more.

I guess I cant expect myself to be able to beat everyone, every type of class, all the time. But its awful irritating when 4 of us get on a sentinel... and he lives through 1 stun then for some reason can never get stunned again and if it weren't for the fact I can stealth away and run away lol he would kill me. He would manage to kill me...even with 4 DPSers on him.

And don't get me started on that AOE blind spam! lol.

Long story there anyone who can make short work of them? Or is it just one of those classes that you just need to avoid at every opportunity. Which brings me to my final point!!! It seems that 70 percent of every warzone I enter is sentinel or I cant avoid them! lol.

Fearine's Avatar

04.01.2013 , 10:49 AM | #2
There is nothing standar in PvP.

The best thing you can do is to duel with friend Marauder so you can learn their movement and watch their buffs.
Normaly you have tools to counter them.
Ravage/Master Strike is countered with Evasion.
When they have four stacks of Shockwaves/Singularity then Smash incoming. Stun, run or use shield probe to minimize the damage.
Sever Tendon is your friend. Staying within four metres for too long is suicide.
When they activate the godmode use Flashbang if they don't have resolve or DoTs. Otherwise, Sever Tendon and keep distance outside melee range.
And never try to run away in the open. They will leap to you. Try to run around corners.

Of course as I said above nothing is standar in PvP. Cooldowns, crowd, stuns , player reactions and skills are all in the game.

And don't forget. Accordind to Bioware the Marauders/Sentinels are "balanced" while the Operative is a "problematic class since launch" (Georg Zoeller said this, not my words) so it had to go through major "rebalances".
By other words, Operatives were killing too many bad glowstick users and Georg boy tried his best to keep the "lore" intact.
So you allready start with a disadvantage
Bioware's famous metrics revealed:
Q: Someone told me his son (George Lukas) played the game.
Answer: (Bioware) Yeah I heard that too. A lot of us with teenage kids try to get them to explain things to us.

randiesel's Avatar

04.01.2013 , 11:11 AM | #3
You forgot crouching/cover they can't leap to you, but Zealous Leap/Oblit does work.

What spec are they? What spec are you? Are you fully min/maxed or just stock WH?

If you're concealment, consult Hallow's guide.