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Please make Master Mode Flashpoints harder or add Nightmare Flashpoints

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Please make Master Mode Flashpoints harder or add Nightmare Flashpoints

OOOYYY's Avatar

06.02.2020 , 10:28 AM | #11
I sometimes think posts like this are just showing off; is MM Lost Island really a faceroll, particularly with newer players? In any event, I like xSilverriderx's idea of allowing players to remove their veteran's edge stacks. That would allow the few people like the OP to get the experience they want out of flashpoints.

If you want a challenge at 4-man, I'd be curious if you find MM uprisings all facerolls right now.

LD_Little_Dragon's Avatar

06.02.2020 , 04:19 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by OOOYYY View Post
I sometimes think posts like this are just showing off; is MM Lost Island really a faceroll, particularly with newer players?
I think you have it right.

The players complaining about the faceroll easy MM are probably also the ones who will only run in pre-made groups with other raiders. They run with HM/Nim raiders in fully optimized top gear, and then complain how easy it is. I think these types of players also underestimate how important the team is in a lot of the harder content. If you find stuff too easy, it's not necessarily because you're such an awesome player, but more likely because the other 3 people you're running with are good players.

Try pugging, a full pug, not one where 3 of you pick up a 4th player from the group-finder. If you land in a less then perfect group, don't rage quit, but instead tough it out. I think you'll find even a Korriban can be challenging if the dps aren't quite up to par, the tank's a little squishy, or the healer's not quite fast enough to make up for a mistep with mechanics or defensives.

(BTW you can already remove the vet stacks if it's that important to you. Use 268/270 rated gear. It will mess with the gear drops, but you'll get that extra little bit of challenge.)
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06.03.2020 , 11:41 AM | #13
Precisely, for MM FPs to be faceroll-able, the team makeup is critical. You may have gotten lucky with DPS when you tanked Blood Hunt with a Sniper and a healer that is new to MM. With the state of pugging these days, luck counts for a lot. You usually have more leeway when your good DPS is ranged, especially in newer FPs, and all my bad experiences with Meridian and Chiss happened because of melee DPS.

Also, as for WoW mythic mode dungeons, from what I can tell, M0 is about as faceroll-able as older MM FPs (especially since gear makes an even greater difference for DPS and heals in that game, and often it seems that many WoW players wait until they out-gear content to run it, especially if they out-gear it by a large margin) and how challenging M+ gets depends on the week since the extra mechanics also depend on the week.
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06.03.2020 , 10:32 PM | #14
Just go do Uprisings then
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06.04.2020 , 08:12 AM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Toraak View Post
but the word Challenging is subjective. If your a NiM raider and run with NiM raiders then MM FP's will and should be a snooze fest. If your the type of player that solo queu's and is a story player then MM FP's will be challenging. So the debate here is what type of player is the intended target. From launch it was clear they were meant for training people to do SM/HM Ops since they dropped Tionese gear on every boss except Columi on the last boss (Columi was the Story mode Operation gear). It taught people how to be ready for Raids. So are they more to the point of a training tool to teach people to follow mechanics for Ops (so for casual players) or are they supposed to be for the 1% NiM raiders? if they are for the NiM raiders then that will mean less people do them I'm sure.

I remember when Kaon Under Siege and Lost island came out. I remember how many times I had to wait for replacements because people didn't want to run them because they were more difficult then any other FP.

While I haven't tried to actually solo or 2 man any Master Mode FP's myself other then Hammer station which is usually easier then the others. I find it hard to believe the rest of them are that easy because I constantly seeing people complain about the Balance issues between HS, and other FP's which are claimed to be to difficult. (which includes Umbara, Chiss, and Nathema from what I've read on these very Forums).
This. Challenging is subjective whether you are talking about playing a specific class, advanced discipline or content.

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06.04.2020 , 09:17 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by merovejec View Post
Just go do Uprisings then
Yeah, because they are so much more difficult.

Or more serious, while uprisings are a bit more difficult (not enough to call them "difficult enough" if you ask me, but that's subjective), not only are there much more flashpoints to run than uprisings, they also have a different design philosophy in mind, that might or might not be what you want to play.

Drew_Braxton's Avatar

06.05.2020 , 06:19 PM | #17
Yeah, MM uprisings are about your only option. Trial and Error is a fun one!

Alternatively, you could always 3 person the flashpoints.
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