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Defying Destiny

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01.15.2018 , 07:45 PM | #111
Quite lovely and 'It's about time'


Looking forward to more secrets revealed, the ritual and how she intends on dealing with Ravage. I see many things coming to a head. Great job.

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01.16.2018 , 12:13 AM | #112
Wonderful! <3


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01.16.2018 , 01:08 PM | #113
Quote: Originally Posted by MishaCantu View Post
Quite lovely and 'It's about time'


Looking forward to more secrets revealed, the ritual and how she intends on dealing with Ravage. I see many things coming to a head. Great job.
The journal part was a little tricky between deciding what he'd write and if he'd write at all but you figure, with the incredibly long life he's had he's bound to have written some experiences down, right? I'm relieved you thought it sounded like him.

I think if he could, Theron would join her for the ritual. He has answers he needs too and I can see this weighing on him.

Their love scene was difficult, very, but I'm glad it came across well. It really felt like something she'd be nervous about, vastly different from previous experiences and she does have a decent tally of battle scars and things which would make me feel shy and it felt natural for her too. But Theron is love, I can't picture him bothered by it at all.

Thank you for the lovely feedback. ♥

Quote: Originally Posted by Lunafox View Post
Wonderful! <3

That's such a lovely compliment, thank you! It's nice to know that even when I'm dying, I can still manage to put something enjoyable together on paper lol.

The idea for Scourge's journal entry kind of hit me at the last second. I'd already decided she was reading through various diaries and at the last second thought it might be nice to write one of those entries out. I'm relieved it came off well and you approve of his voice, and the sentiment.

I'm glad you thought it was worth the wait. It felt like it was time but, boy was it hard. As I was telling Misha on FB, I think where Theron is concerned I am so invested, and he matters so much that it makes moments like these extremely difficult because it feels nothing will ever come close enough to convey what I see and feel. It's so odd but I'm just so glad I did post and that you enjoyed the chapter. That the sentiment between them came across and made it more than just sex.

Thank you so much for the endless support and kind words, it means everything to me. Both of you. ♥

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01.17.2018 , 12:54 AM | #114
Still here


Looking forward to your next chapter

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01.17.2018 , 01:20 PM | #115
Quote: Originally Posted by Foxfirerose View Post
Still here


Looking forward to your next chapter
Hi Rose, it's so nice to hear from you, I did wonder where you'd gone and if you were doing okay! Are you well?

I'm glad you caught up and hey, it's always nice having a few chapters in a row to read through, right?

Scourge is in a very difficult situation yeah, and it is cruel but I've always wondered what the Emperor would do if he ever got his hands on Scourge again. He committed the biggest betrayal and I couldn't picture Vitiate just killing him--he'd want Scourge to suffer.

I understand completely. There are times I'm writing happy moments for Eliza and Theron and this nagging voice in the back of my head goes "Bi.tch, and while Scourge suffers", lol. But I guess that's just the way it goes some times. I'm also really pleased you enjoyed their love scene!

Thank you so much for leaving your kinds and thoughts, and for taking the time to catch up on the past few chapters, I genuinely appreciated it!

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Yesterday , 12:11 PM | #116
:: Chapter Twenty Four ::

Hidden beneath the base, beyond the war room, was the cell-block built into the darkest section of the mountain used to hold the massive structure on Odessen. They’d never imagined actually needing it but with Regina, and now with Ravage, Eliza was grateful for the two cramped four-by-four meters duracrete cubes wedged together in an alcove.

Both cells were nothing but bare walls with only one mirrored window obscuring view into the security hub that separated the two rooms. Each had their own toilet within the cell, lacking severely in privacy, as well as a single cot with a flimsy mattress and cheap sheets. A tiny table and chair stood in each left corner and a simple light bulb hung down the ceilings.

Eliza leaned forward against the mirrored glass, resting her head on her arm and she observed the man laying back on the cot in his cell—he looked terrible.

The left side of his face was blistered and scarred heavily, left untreated after she’d burned him and he appeared paler and skinnier than usual. Dark rings of fatigue circled his eyes, he was starting to grow a rather unkempt beard and the unlinked, bracer-like cuffs around both his wrists had left their mark on his skin.

By appearance, he was a mere shadow of the tenacious Darth he once was but she knew better than to underestimate his spiteful spirit simmering and waiting to be unleashed.

“Sir.” Aric Jorgan politely inclined his head when he returned to the hub following his lunch break.

With Jenna’s crew gone, he’d taken over duties keeping guard at Ravage’s cell and monitoring the security footage in lieu of having anything of greater import to do.

“Captain.” Eliza turned and shook his gloved claw. “Thank you for keeping an eye, is there anything to report?”

“A few temper tantrums over the past week. The prisoner saw fit to try and use his cot in hopes of breaking the glass after his request to speak with you was denied. We shot him with a sedative.”

“Figures. Has he eaten his rations at all?”

“Most days he does, other times it’ll still be there in the morning. He’s made complaints regarding his privacy and hygiene. Perhaps…”

She quirked a brow. “Yes?”

“Sir, it is none of my business but perhaps you might consider installing a privacy screen in his cell? If not for his benefit then at the very least for those of us standing guard.”

“Jorgan, at ease. We’re not in the Republic, I am not your C.O… well, okay, I kind of am but, we have a bit of history, right?”

“Yes, Sir—an extremely successful operation on Ilum, I remember.”



A chuckle escaped her—she’d forgotten just how stringent he could be.

“How about I make you a deal? You start calling me Eliza, and I will have a privacy screen put up in the cell?”

His green eyes narrowed inquisitively until he flashed his canine teeth in half a grin. “Accepted, Eliza.”

“Good. Now, his Force powers, have you witnessed him trying to use them? Do the dampener bracers work?”

“They appear fully functional. He was caught ranting, and I quote, ‘I will kill that motherfu.cking SIS piece of’. If that is any indication,” Aric related impassively and caused Eliza to snort.

“Ahh, charming as ever,” commented Theron when he overheard and joined at Eliza’s side, his arm sliding around her middle.

“Mm, he’ll be so thrilled to see me…” She cast another glance at the cell.

“Are you sure you’re up to this?” Theron asked, “You don’t have to do this, you owe him nothing.”

Behind them, Lord Cytharat appeared as well and carried several tranquilizer darts with him. “He’s right, you could just let him rot.”

“Thanks guys but this isn’t for him, it’s for me. I need to put what happened behind me.” Eliza gave a halted smile.

Concern creased a few lines on Theron’s forehead but he didn’t argue, instead offering his support, “Do you want me to go in there with you?”

“I’ll be alright, just keep an eye on things?”

“Of course.”

She softly kissed his lips and held him close. “Please don’t lose faith in me if you see me using my powers against—”

“No, no,” he assured her and promised, “You do what you need to, I wouldn’t judge even if you burned him to a pile of ashes. From now on, I have your back in everything you do, always.”

“Thank you, love.”

“We’ll be right here if you need us, Sir, Eliza,” Aric was quick to correct himself.

She faintly nodded and turned on her heel to enter the access code for Ravage’s cell.

The door clicked open and while taking a deep breath, she headed inside. She had no idea of what she would say, of how to react, torn between her urge to hurt and destroy him while another part of her simply felt sad—disappointed and wounded by what he’d done.

“Finally!” he barked and instantly jumped from his cot, taking few brisk strides to close the distance between them.

“Where the hell have you been?!”


“Busy?! I’ve been locked in here for—”

He took in the sight of her, giving her a scrutinizing stare. “Something happened, you got injured.”

It was unclear how he knew and Eliza stood stunned, at a momentary loss for words until she followed his gaze to her own shoulder—to the still fresh scar exposed by her asymmetric top.

“Yeah, got into it with Vaylin.”

“You sought her out, without me?!”

“Actually, she found me and why the hell would I bring you?! So you two could double-team me? Have her knock me out so you can—”

Ravage’s eyes sprung wide in shock at the implication she was about to make. “I would never hurt you!”

“Oh really?” she mocked and slowly paced the narrow space of his cell, indicating all around her, “So then, why are you in here, exactly?”

His brows furrowed and he turned away to glance in the mirror on his side of the window, inspecting the scar on his face while his temper surged. There was an aching to lash out at her and blame her for his own actions, his pride and vanity railing against his conscience urging him to apologize.

“Because I made a mistake,” he admitted and while his arrogance revolted inside, he managed to express some words of regret, “I went too far and, I’m sorry.”

A near inaudible scoffing puffed past her lips and she leaned back against the cold wall, her arms folded before her and her eyes firmly fixed on the floor beneath her feet.

“Eliza, you have every right to be mad at me but—”

“Wow, I do? Gee, thanks, how very generous of you!”

“Can you pl—”

“No! You see, I’m not actually mad at you. I mean, yeah, sure, I am but mostly, I’m mad at myself for growing so blind to the man you really are!”

He opened his mouth, ready to defend himself but Eliza waved it off. “Don’t. Whatever excuse you have, whatever gloating you wish to do, don’t because I will literally burn out your vocal chords.

“I thought you’d, well, not changed but that I was seeing a side of you very few people knew. The man underneath all this anger and arrogance, the self-serving attitude, and volatile temper. Someone worth caring about, you know?”

A hopeless shrug rolled along her shoulders and she shook her head. “But you’re not worth it, not a single ounce of it.”

Her words wounded his ego and he balled a fist at his side, working hard to keep his temper in check.

“I love you,” he said, calm as he could manage.

“No, you don’t! What you did to me is the furthest thing from love!”

“I never meant to lose control the way I did!”

“Perhaps not but you did and that’s the truth of you, Ravage. In the end, you’ll always do what serves you best with a complete disregard for anything and anyone else, even those you claim to love.”

“That’s not true!” he truly argued now and turned her way, towering over her within seconds.

“I have pushed my selfish needs, my desires for you away for so long constantly trying to give you time, give you space, to just be there for you and let you come to me!

“But you,” he continued, jabbing a pointed index finger in her direction, “you never noticed! Too damn wrapped up in Scourge this and Theron that! Bah, I regret ever bringing him to Rishi!”

The confession he’d never wanted to make, spurred on by his resentment, echoed through his cell and beyond.

Within the security hub, Theron gasped and Lord Cytharat had to stop him from rushing inside to lay a beating on the Sith while Ravage’s unexpected admission hit home with all of them. Eliza could hear it ring in her ears still and stared at him in disbelief.

“!” he cursed and scolded himself before he pounded a fist against the wall behind her.

“You… what? You brought him to Rishi? Them? Theron and Nyssa? How, why?”

A bitter chuckle escaped him and he threw his hands up in defeat, knowing there’d be no talking his way out of this one and instead, he decided he might as well come clean.

“Well, I wasn’t getting anywhere with you, was I? We were sleeping together but you wouldn’t commit so I figured if I could make you see just how alone you were, that I was your only shot at happiness, you’d finally give me a chance.”

He took a few steps back, slow and deliberate while his arrogance rose to the surface, creating a smug grin on his face.

“I knew Shan had gotten married, I remembered what he used to mean to you so I thought forcing a confrontation between you, him, and his wife would send you running back into my arms.” Ravage sat back down on his cot in the most casual way.

“It almost worked.”

“I can’t believe this…” Eliza looked abashed, her body language trying to fend his words off while she shook her head. “How did you even know they needed a place to… oh…”

It dawned on her that Nyssa getting caught and fired was no accident. “You sold her out. You knew she was smuggling supplies for our guys and you sold her out…”

“I did. I sent an anonymous and encrypted message to Coruscant Medical alerting them to her secret dealings and when Beniko informed me Nyssa had been fired, that they were on the run, well, I suggested she sent them to Rishi.”

Within seconds Eliza stood before him and smacked him across the scarred side of his face. “You sick bastard! They could have ended up in jail, or worse! And what about the shuttle crash, was that your doing too?!”

His cheek and jaw stung but he refused to acknowledge it, secretly delighting in her anger he’d stirred.

“No, that was a genuine accident although, in retrospect, I might have had more success if he’d simply died. Your mourning over Scou—”

Once more she struck him, this time swinging a balled fist square into his other jaw before she lifted him off the cot and flung him into the nearest wall, using her rising hatred to fuel her strength.

“Don’t you dare! What the hell is wrong with you?! Who the hell are you?!”

Despite all he had just said, and what he’d done to her, a part of her simply couldn’t mesh the man who’d taken such care of her, had been so loving to her as well as her child, with the one sitting before her now having assaulted her and confessing to his nefarious schemes. Dumbfounded by the two conflicting personalities.

“I am who I’ve always been, Eliza.” He remained calm under the circumstances, even daring to let his lips curl up into a smile.

“I am the bastard you love to hate and I’m the man who will stop at nothing to be with you, who loves you no matter how much you rail against it. I am every horrible thing you’ve ever considered me to be and all the good things you never thought me capable of. I’m both.”

Taking advantage of the fact his words had momentarily disarmed her through pure shock, Ravage rushed to his feet, straightened out his robes and ushered her into his arms. He trapped her against him and tilted her chin up to look her in the eyes.

“I love you. I have been falling for you since that night at The Black Rose, after you’d defeated Aruk and we danced.”

“No!” Eliza literally spat in his face and shoved him back, revolted by all he’d just told her. “You don’t! You don’t even know what love is!”

“Deny it all you want but it’s the truth and I think, deep down, you do love me as well.”

With his sleeve, he wiped the spittle and smirked. “You’ll never admit it but a part of you longs for me. You like the way in which you never know what to expect from me and you get off on the danger of me, of never knowing which version of me you’ll meet between the sheets and all of them make your toes curl.

“There’s a part of you that yearns to be enslaved to me, to be at my mercy and desires and I’ve tasted it,” he taunted further.

“Your dark side, I know how it hungers. You’ll never find that with anyone else and that pathetic, goodie-two-shoes spy boy of yours, who you think you love? He’ll never compare to what you and I had and could have again. You need me, I’m the only one who can give you the best of both worlds, my duality matching your own perfectly.”

His words left her reeling and Eliza felt them as dirty on her skin as his hands had been that one fateful afternoon, sickening her. An unpleasant chill coursed down her spine and she shuddered in disgust.

“No, no!” she rebuffed everything and vehemently shook her head.

“No, you couldn’t be more wrong. See I… yes, I was starting to feel some affection towards you, genuinely believing in this nicer side of you but… no, not once have I loved you and just the thought of you touching me ever again…”

She began backing away, turning for the door. “I’d rather die. I feel sick remembering every moment I ever shared with you. You’re the worst mistake I’ve ever made.”

The vainglorious feeling he’d experienced just moments ago dissipated quick, rejection shattering his heart but he would not surrender, now torn between making her suffer in the worst of ways and yet still loving her as he had for so long.

His internal war was quickly settled and he gave her another smirk, knowing he had at least one card left to play. One he’d savor for the right moment and only when he was certain to be out of chances which, he didn’t feel he was quite yet.

“You’ll be with me again before all this is over.”

Eliza rolled her eyes. “Keep telling yourself that.”

“What will you do with me now? Keep me here? Visit me to come and play?”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Sticks and stones, my love,” he teased and delighted, trying to regain the upper hand in their back and forth.

Tired of his games and unwilling to indulge him for another second, she shifted gears, answering his original question rather than taking the bait.

“We’ve decided to keep you locked up in here. You know too much, I can’t risk letting you leave and you’re not worth killing, yet, but perhaps you’ll make a decent target for Darius to practice his interrogation skills on.”

“I look forward to it.” He winked and let himself drop back on the cot, getting more than comfortable when he sprawled out. “Maybe you’ll join him?”

She ignored him. “Someone will stop by in the morning to set up a privacy screen so you can do your, business, in private.”

“How about a shower, or perhaps you’d like to give me a bath yourself?”

Eliza gritted her teeth, her nerves tensing at all the buttons he pushed. “How about I take you outside and shove you down the waterfall instead?

“I’m not sure if this is all just a game to you but, you and me, we’re never going to happen and you know, I should kill you for what you did to Theron and Nyssa, for what you did to me!”

He merely shrugged and swatted her words away.

“But like I said, you’re just not worth it,” she bit out and knocked on the door three times to let the others know she was ready to come out but Ravage wasn’t quite finished yet.

“Kiss me? One last time before you go?”

“Mmm, no…” She glanced over her shoulder and smiled his way. A thought nagged at the back of her mind and Eliza decided to take her power back.

“Not even if you were the last man in this galaxy and… well, my boyfriend wouldn’t like it.”

“Your boyfriend…?”

“Oh, you haven’t heard? Theron and Nyssa have seperated because he uhm, well…” She paused to enjoy the horror that came over him slowly.

“As it turns out, he’s still in love with me so they’re getting a divorce and Theron and I? We’re together, at last, quite happily so and I guess I do owe you a debt of gratitude—if you hadn’t brought them to Rishi, none of this would have happened. Go figure, right?”

Eliza delivered the gut-punching blow and walked out, leaving an infuriated Ravage to agonize over the news in solitude.

Outside, Theron caught her in his arms and swallowed his own anger in favor of comforting her but to his surprise, Eliza smiled. She even began giggling when the tension at last left her body and she felt revived. If ever in the past she’d wondered whether her feelings for Ravage went deeper than she’d been able to see, she now knew for certain they didn’t, not one bit, and she was free.

Aric and Lord Cytharat exchanged a confounded look and the former cleared his throat. “You realize he is going to be screaming for hours?”

“Mmm, yes…” Eliza said when her chuckles subsided and she reached for one of the ampoules on his desk, “that’s what these are for.

“I’ll call the maintenance guys to stop by in the morning for that screen and I’ll have them install a small sonic basin too—it’s starting to smell kinda ripe in there.”

She turned to Theron and rubbed his arms in a comforting way. “Are you okay babe? I can’t believe he’s the one responsible for Nyssa getting fired and causing you both to have to flee.”

“I can.” A deep sigh left his lips and he forced a smile to hide the thoughts running through his mind now.

‘And it’s nothing compared to what he’s possibly done to you…’

To his relief though, he wouldn’t have to hide his suspicions for much longer and he took Eliza by the hand. “Come, let’s have a bite to eat and calm your mind before the ritual in a few hours.”

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Yesterday , 01:59 PM | #117
Very cool!
Loved every bit. ^^

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Yesterday , 07:06 PM | #118
The confrontation did not disappoint.


Looking forward to the next bit and to see where they all go from here.

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Yesterday , 11:12 PM | #119
Excellent chapter!


Now I'll be waiting to see what happens with the ritual.........