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Guild Flasgship Issue - No Idea Who Has Gold Key

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Guild Flasgship Issue - No Idea Who Has Gold Key

Rwhook's Avatar

01.25.2021 , 12:46 PM | #1
I've taken over a long dead guild for our Star Wars club, I mean long dead. The big problem we are facing is that nobody knows who has a gold key to the Flagship. I was able to get the Stronghold key form someone but not the flagship.

is there any way to hard reset this? For example, if I boot everyone would I as the guild owner default to a gold key?

ceryxp's Avatar

01.25.2021 , 05:28 PM | #2
As the guild leader you should automatically have a gold key. If you do not then it is likely one of two things: you are not the guild leader or there is a bug.

Here is how you check your keys. You may already know how to do this, and may already have done it, but best to start with the basics.
  • Open your Stronghold Management Window (Default U) and go to the Guild section.
  • Click on the Keys button for the guild flagship.
    • Only the guild leader can manage keys. If you are not the guild leader but you have a gold key you can view, but not change keys. If you have a silver or bronze key then you can not view other key holders.
    • The default view is to show all keys, but you can filter by gold, silver, or bronze.
  • The guild leader is the first person listed and their key can not be changed.
    • All members in the guild start with a bronze key, but can be changed at any time by the guild leader to a silver or gold key.

So, if you are the guild leader and you have checked the keys and still things are not working as expected then there likely is a bug. That has happened before. The easiest thing to do is to promote another of your characters to guild leader as doing so should automatically grant them a leader's gold key. To do that open the Guild window and go to the Roster tab. Find one of your characters, right-click their name, go to Set Rank, and set their rank to that of the guild leader (what it says depends on what your guild ranks are named). That will promote that character to the guild leader and demote the existing leader to the next highest rank. Whatever you do, do not promote a character that is not yours. As soon as someone else is the guild leader they will have full control of the guild and BW will not do anything to help your regain control.
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