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10.12.2019 , 01:13 AM | #1
So I was reading these posts from BW, and in Advanced classes they give example of PvP games and in others PvE. Does this mean that some AC are more suited for high end PvE and others PvP.

I know in regz all classes can work but are these examples given random, or is there more substance behind it.


Markmanship - PVP

We’re in the middle of a heated PvP match, and an enemy player has spotted our Marksmanship Sniper, who’s firing off shots from a distance. The enemy player charges toward our Sniper, who places their Holo-Locate marker and fires a few shots at the incoming enemy player. As the enemy player reaches their feet, our Sniper uses Covered Escape to quickly roll away. Thanks to our B-0 Differential Targeting System, not only does the next Ambush do additional damage, but it’s now an instant cast. This allows our Sniper to fire off a one-two combo of Ambush and Followthrough, all while on the run!

Now that they’re positioned closer to the main fight, our Sniper opts to use Evasion, which has three benefits. Our Sniper now has 200% chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks--allowing them to get back to safety—and thanks to the Repositioned Set Bonus, Evasion also refreshes the cooldown of Covered Escape and gives bonus movement speed to our Sniper’s teammates.

The rival player hasn’t given up the chase yet and is hot on our Sniper’s heels. Much to the enemy player’s displeasure, Covered Escape is used again to avoid them, and they’re hit with another Ambush/Followthrough combo. They try attacking our Sniper one more time, but just as the enemy player is nearly within reach, our Sniper uses Holo-Locate to teleport back to where this chase originally started. Firing off another Ambush and Followthrough combination, our Sniper reminds the enemy player they’ll always remain out of their reach.

Engineering - PVE

Our Engineering Sniper starts off the encounter by priming themselves with Laze Target, increasing the critical hit chance of the next Explosive Probe by 100%. They follow this up with their Interrogation and Explosive Probes. Now that the stage is set, it’s time for detonation! Thanks to the effect of our T0-R0 Ionic Discharge Tactical, our Sniper activates EMP Discharge to trigger Explosive Probe, giving it a 50% damage boost on top of the guaranteed critical hit!

Thanks to the Precise Target Set Bonus, Laze Target gets three charges, so our Sniper can repeat this rotation much more frequently during boss encounters. Between the Set Bonus and Tactical, every Explosive Probe used with Laze Target on a boss can be a guaranteed critical hit with a 50% damage increase. Our Sniper can tear through bosses quicker than ever before!

and then again Virulence as PvP.
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