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Out of all the Dot spec classes

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Out of all the Dot spec classes

Heinzordd's Avatar

02.21.2020 , 06:48 AM | #1
Out of all the dot spec classes, is there one that plays better than the others.
I love dot specs and I've tried Maurad.-anni but it felt a little clunky to me (opinion)

Sith-assassin was nice but felt squishy.

Any opinion is valid and appreciated.

Thank you

phalczen's Avatar

02.21.2020 , 07:45 AM | #2
I think numbers wise, with its self heals and stealth, Ruffian/Lethality remains in a top position just as it was during 5.x.

However, the ones I enjoy the most are Vigilance/vengeance and Plasmatech/Pyrotech. Iím pretty sure Vigi/Ven is in the middle of the parsing leaderboards, at least it was when I checked about a month or so ago, but that isnít as important to me since Iím a filthy casual. I canít recall where Plasma/Pyro is, but I know it was good enough to require Its prime set bonus and tactical to be nerfed. So I donít know where it stands now.

I like the Knight/Warrior stories better than Trooper/BH but that is of course a subjective matter.

Plasma/Pyro is the only one where you inflict burn damage on BOTH factions. Vigi is burn but Veng is bleed. Ruffian is bleed and Lethality is poison. So, thereís only one of those six mirrors that the rakghoul weapon tuning makes sense and only three where the ďPlaying with FireĒ title (from star fortresses) makes sense.
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sharkfishman's Avatar

02.21.2020 , 07:50 AM | #3
I love DoT specs too.

My personal favorite is the Dirty Fighting Gunslinger / Lethality Sniper.

It's awesome to stack up DoTs that are ticking away gently... and suddenly, bam, major damage. To really have fun with it though, you need to get two different tacticals. One allows you to spread your strongest DoT attack to groups of adds, and the other increases the damage of your main single-target attack.

My second favorite is the Vengeance Juggernaut / Vigilance Guardian. The rotation is kind of simple (apply DoTs, spread DoTs, smile) but it lets you enjoy a LOT of mobility. You can weave in and out, applying dots and smashing to your heart's content.

Your personal favorite class depends on whether you like ranged or melee, and how comfortable you are with casted attacks (gunslinger) versus burst attacks (juggernaut).

Both options are viable for SM/VM raiding (I don't run NiM raids, so not sure for those) and more or less for PVP, though juggernauts are kind of vulnerable to stunning in PVP.
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02.21.2020 , 07:57 AM | #4
If your goal is not the highest possible parse, vengeance is probably the best in most content. It does good dps and has good sustainability and decent burst.

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02.21.2020 , 08:32 AM | #5
Amazing advice, made my day, ty all.

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02.21.2020 , 09:21 AM | #6
In actual raid boss fights, Pyrotech/Plasmatech is the highest parsing in 6.0.
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