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This is not OK

kronichabit's Avatar

10.22.2020 , 12:08 AM | #1

I will have obvious better players on my team to tunnel and nope I get least 90% tunnels
I have a theory, so you ever unload on mando healer whos just stands there right in your face barely seems to take any damage and after like 10 secs you can hear that fool laughing at you.
Well I'm a meh player at best but I do have a mean PEEL off my healer and you guys can hear me laughin huh ?
So I was like dam I took 7 mill whoa that's crazy till this . I promise I wasn't laughing.
So you guys do 6-7 mill damage on me never more on me personally . So this doesn't make sense to me.
This is the 1st time I heard you guys say stop laughin fool it aint funny.. hehe serio
I promise you this tho one day when my cleaves are as good as my peels you'll regret stackin on me like this ...

<3 fun match tho just yikes my god stun didn't stop the whole match and that much taken I didn't think you all would break 8 mill on me so nice job I wasnt laughin
Kronic aka P flakes
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10.26.2020 , 05:58 AM | #2
What did I just read?