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My Vanguard DPS build for PVP and PVE

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My Vanguard DPS build for PVP and PVE

Rustys_Pizza's Avatar

01.16.2013 , 07:46 PM | #1
This is the hybrid build for Assault spec (best dps for vanguard that I have found)

my rotation goes as follows for starting a fight,
Reserve Powercell, Relic, Adrenal, Battle Focus --> Incindiery Round,
High Impact Bolt, Ion Pulse, Stock Strike, Full Auto, Hammer Shot
I only use Incindeiry Round when Reserve Powercell is up.
Try to always have Plasma Cell DOT up by using Ion Pulse
Stock Strike and Ion Pulse proc Ionic accelerator.
Use High Impact Bolt when Ionic Accelerator procs.
Use Hammershot, Ion Pulse and Full Auto as fillers after free HIB
Save Stock Strike for at least 3 GCD's after last free HiB

Tactics build

i just use the rotation off at this link

Also have been experimenting with a hybrid build that is very good sustained DPS.
I remain in Plasma Cell when using this spec
I Follow the same basic rotation as my Assault spec listed above.
I just switch out Full auto for Pulse Cannon and try to use my abilities when my procs activate.
I also keep the Gut dot up and only use stockstrike when it is free.
As for HiB I do not wait for both the Auto Crit and Ionic Accel. proc, just one or the other and alot of the time they overlap anyways.
Use Pulse Cannon when you need a filler AND have 3 stacks of Pulse Generator.

Another thing i would like to add as to why I went for the 9% aim increase instead of stacking power and staying in the full Assault spec build. this spread sheet showed me that aim is alot better then power to have.
Granted I did not make the spreadsheet but know the person who did and used some of my own stats to verify the authenticity of it.
R'usty:Lvl 55 DPS Vanguard
Terradactyl:Lvl 55 Jedi Shadow Tank

Rustys_Pizza's Avatar

01.16.2013 , 07:47 PM | #2
Would like to hear what you think about it and any issues that anyone might find with this
R'usty:Lvl 55 DPS Vanguard
Terradactyl:Lvl 55 Jedi Shadow Tank

Diagorias's Avatar

01.16.2013 , 08:07 PM | #3
In the first place I think that the 2 points in adrenaline fueled and the 1 point in blaster augs is better put into the burnout. The extra Tech Crit chance combined with the extra damage beneath 30% is too much to give up. It is a bit harder to manage your ammo well, but the reward resulted for me in more DPS. Further I totally agree with going for the Aim buff and always going for Aim above power (with the current gear)

For the rest don't use reserve powercell immediately, use it after 3/4 abilities, otherwise you won't regenerate any ammo after your first ability (since you didn't use any because of reserve powercell). I also think Full auto is not worth the time and ammo unless when you have to attack from a range of more than 10 meters.

Personally I also use my battle focus áfter I used my incendiary ammo, because that way the GCD before you use incendiary ammo will be lost (I am not sure if the buff immediately improves your incendiary round even if you have already casted it tbh, so if that isn't the case, it might be better to use it before the incen round, but mainly I use my buff/relic just before my second incend round to evade aggro pulling)

Last but not least, always keep incendiary ammo up, the dot+extra damage from your main attacks is too much of a loss (also without the talent the CD of reverse powercell is too big ;p)

For the rest I use as good as a similar build and rotation although I tend to not use shockstrike in PvE when there is no armor debuff on the boss (since it does less damage then ion pulse)

Most information about my decisions can be found on with explanations and calculations why. A link towards the compendium is as follows:

Greetings Dia

Rustys_Pizza's Avatar

01.16.2013 , 09:27 PM | #4
It took me a while to decide to take Adrenaline fueled over burnout. Blaster augs more then makes up for the crit chance lost from Burnout and Burnout is only for below 30%. I also find that Incindiary Missle is a bit weak for the ammo cost but is the best thing i could use for the free attack besides mortar Volley which i will switch out for Full auto if i have a surplus of ammo.

It makes sense to not use Reserve Powercell right off the bat now that i think about it. Might just use it for mortar volley after my first IA proc.
R'usty:Lvl 55 DPS Vanguard
Terradactyl:Lvl 55 Jedi Shadow Tank