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Any inactive/leaving players with a guild to give away?

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Any inactive/leaving players with a guild to give away?

Ylliarus's Avatar

01.21.2019 , 11:26 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Lhancelot View Post
I have picked up free guilds more than once.

It's just timing when someone is trying to get out of a guild that has died and are the only one left in it, or everyone left to join other guilds leaving it to one last person that needs to give ownership to someone so they can exit the guild.

Thing is you get a guild that usually has a terrible name, although the last guild I got for free was kind of funny, it's name was <Dunder Mifflin Paper Co.>. I got this guild for free, and didn't realize it was the name of the company on The Office, not until a pal explained it to me when he seen the guild tag on my character.
Huh, I hadn't known. I'd wish I could find a guild for free, I have obtained some for a fairly low price (35 mil being relatively cheap for a guild with a flagship), but never one for free.
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01.21.2019 , 06:10 PM | #12
Someone once was ragequitting the game but made an annoucement on Coruscant which no one took seriously "gonna destroy my guild unless someone wants it".

I pmd him and sure enough he gave it to me ! Complete with FS and all
He even waited 3 minutes for me to quickly create a new level 1. And then he ragequit. Ugly guild name though.

On the other hand that's something I would never do. I worked too ludicrously hard on my 2 other flagships to give them away, just like that.

Ardrossan's Avatar

01.21.2019 , 10:58 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by IoNonSoEVero View Post
Can you buy a guild ship with a 'guild of one?' Now that the price has been knocked down it might be something to do.
Yes, I did that last month. It makes for a nice, extra SH, even though it's a bit of a pain to collect decos for. I had assumed the GM could use his own cache of decos for it, but it all has to be 'donated' through the guild bank. I had wondered why people were willing to pay 100k apiece for a mailbox and legacy storage when you get that stuff for free from the intro SH mission. Now I know. Also unlike regular SHs the opening cinematic doesn't go away.

The guild is somewhat difficult to operate atm. It's imp side and I have a bunch of my imp chars in there already. Unfortunately there's about eight imps unaccounted for, because they're in other guilds. I can't add them unless I drop those guilds, which I'd rather not do, and invite someone to the guild to do it, and if I make more imp toons I'll have to do that every time.

I doubt I'll bother with all that, tbh. I only bought it as a novelty. As far as endgame content is concerned, it's much more rewarding imo to play with an [active] guild.