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Marauder LF Raiding group/guild hm&mm

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Marauder LF Raiding group/guild hm&mm

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11.14.2017 , 02:51 PM | #1
Hello my toons Name is Ardnayle Level 70 Marauder which i can Play all specs on.
Ive returned to the game recently so my gear and boss mechanics are still not up to date im currently in 240gs
with full Augments.Ive been raiding Content in swtor when mm was still called nightmare mode ,with various guilds such as ocior ,atrox ,seven stuck, black on the EU Servers.Due to working scedule i Play on NA side for the better .I still remmeber the boss mechanics for basically all of them except the ones that are new to me like ToS and Gotm.
I have starparse and discord but i havent done any HM or Nightmare parsing yet.
Greetings Ayrdnale
Ayrdnale-Marauder-Satal Shan