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Imperial Elitists

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11.11.2017 , 11:16 PM | #1
Imperial Elitists is looking to recruit new members

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read our post. We are a returning guild looking to reform and enjoy the game once again with the new server merges. Before I get started let me explain our guild name. To some it may suggest we are ďElitistsĒ. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was a name given to our core members. We were given this name because we refused to let the class changes and changes to raiding stop us from playing a game we enjoyed. 5 of us banded together and created a remarkable friendship that not only applied to the game but outside of the game as well. The 5 of us continued to enjoy the game doing things that were not supposed to be accomplished by 4 or 5 people and because of this we were called ďElitistsĒ. The name stuck and we formed our own guild with it.

What do we have to offer? The most important thing to us is finding people who enjoy the game and every aspect of the game at that. We will and do raid, we will and do pvp but those are not the only things this game has to offer but unfortunately many only see the game for those two things.

We offer a place for players who enjoy the game to come together and create and establish friendships. Our idea of a good time is getting in discord and have great conversations on everything and anything while playing the game. Raiding, pvp, flashpoints, uprisings, leveling etc. We offer help and guidance to any of our members who need, want or ask for it. If you donít want help or advice that is fine as the most important thing to us is you enjoying the game as you play it and like to play it. You wonít be beaten down or looked at any differently because of gear or style of play as some guilds do.

We offer a flagship and guild stronghold on Yavin. Flagship is nearly completely unlocked and Yavin stronghold is fully unlocked... if decorating is your thing our Yavin stronghold needs you. We offer every aspect of crafting the game has and are more than willing to help any and all with what ever gearing needs you may have with in reason. Our guild bank is fully stocked with 5 tabs for all of our guild needs. Please note we will not take you in and gear you up in the first hour or so of your joining. Respect and Trust are earned not given and we are not here to be taken advantage of nor are we here to take advantage of you.

We are only looking for members over the age of 18. Exceptions are always made to this rule so donít let it stop you. We offer a social platform for the game. We do not treat our guild like a job meaning there are no set raid schedules, pvp schedules etc. that must be attended or you risk the chance of being excluded from such events because you didnít show up and punch the time clock. We all have jobs and lives and the game should not be treated as a job.

If you enjoy the game and all its aspects not just a certain few, if you enjoy making new friends and having crazy conversations on and about everything, if you are looking for a more relaxed style of play with out demands then we would be honored to have you join us.

Currently we are using Discord. We do have a guild website but until we get a few more members I will not reactivate it. Honestly we use Discord more than a website but it is there and ready once we become more established.

If we have 10 or 10,000 members it does not matter to us. Itís not about the numbers we have, itís about the enjoyment and nothing more.

If you are interested you can contact Gakriff in game or use in game email if I am on one of my other characters with any questions you may have you can also respond to this post as I and one of my officers will be monitoring it and refreshing it.

Again thank you so much for reading and we hope to hear from you soon.


Gakriff Peshast GM Imperial Elitists

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11.14.2017 , 08:50 PM | #2
Bump. Give Karslab a shout if you see me on

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11.18.2017 , 02:56 PM | #3
Bumping it back up