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06.24.2019 , 06:07 PM | #1
So I've played SWTOR since beta off and on and don't know how I didn't really realize this (or I have and just didn't think to say anything)...but I was looking through the achievements and noticed a distinct LACK of achievements for protection in warzones. I see damage and healing, but no achievements exists for protection.

I imagine adding such achievements would incentivize more to use those taunts they have readily available. What say you bioware? Can these achievements be added?!
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06.24.2019 , 10:29 PM | #2
I have to admit that you are right! There are achievements for dps and healing, but not for tanks (taunts). I think those were left out for a reason, but I am not sure what that reason might have been. If I look at it from the point of view on how you get the achievements both dps and healing is very easy. In practically any wz you can get the max dps and max healing done, together with the big hit and big heal (even when using medpac). Not sure how it would work in terms of protection when it comes to a big hit, like protect a player from a hit which did more than 20k dmg??

The only thing they could add is like 250k protection done and that is probably it. Not sure if that would change anything now.
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