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Galactic Starfighter....suggestions to give it wider appeal, short and long term

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Galactic Starfighter....suggestions to give it wider appeal, short and long term

LordArtemis's Avatar

10.13.2013 , 10:35 AM | #1
Ok, many posts exist for this already, but I wanted to bring some focus to what I feel MIGHT be some issues moving forward.

Now, first, this is extremely early, so this could be something that is already planned, or the feature could be so good it will not matter. I concede both points.

But I wanted to comment on what I see are common themes and concerns around the net about the new feature, and perhaps list them out, and see if others would like to do the same.

Here is my list of things I would like Bioware to consider, short and long term.

1) Cockpit view and Joystick control. The reason I feel both are important is that it is a common staple of the kind of games that this feature seems to have some kinship with at first glance, and I think this is what many folks would like to see.

I contend that cockpit view does not have to be fancy...something without moving arms, just the cockpit window and dash would probably work. Just a zoom in to first person view would apply. Also, if joystick option can't be implemented, perhaps some kind of interface to assign keys to a joystick would work, or at least joystick capability would be appreciated IMO.

2) Eventual implementation of capital ship combat, on foot combat to expand this feature into a BF2 like PVP feature. One of the most appealing features of BF2, IMO, was the ability to transition out of your fighter into a hanger, and then fight on foot. You could man a turret, or take out objectives in the ship/defend the ship.

I would suggest low poly single appearance models for players, and a single bar for abilities, using the same interface as the fighter. The might allow something like this to be added. Perhaps the free legacy gear given out to pilots could be the default appearances used.

To clarify on this a bit, that means a completely different single appearance model for pubs and imps. The model would have a simple appearance, be low on essentially everyone on one side that had the same class would look the same. Your class would only apply to the basic appearance and the weapon you used.

3) Eventual implementation of PVE features. Would be nice to see some kind of PVE element come down the road that uses this setup, even if it is just dailies or some kind of single mission workup. Obviously this would take a huge amount of work, considering AI requirements and the like. But perhaps if the feature proves popular it might be worth it to do so down the road.

As a final comment, I think second suggestion could open the door for another option for on foot PVP. If the on foot suggestion is ever implemented and it proves popular it could open the door to a PVP alternative that would be far more appealing than what is in place at present.

I would also like to stress that I think the reticule needs to be fixed, while keeping the targeting circle for automatic missile lockon. Not only would this improve mouse movement response and remove weapon aiming (unless you are in sniping mode), it would also make it easier to add joystick support.

At the very least I think that the reticule circle needs to be reduced to a very small one for the movement response area, not targeting area. This could work for quicker response with keyboards and allow joystick control.

Finally, I would suggest an adjustment (nerf) of all abilities of about 40 percent of total damage, scaling up to 40 as the gear level increases to flatten out the playing field a bit, and make it more skill based and less gear based...gear would still provide a substantial boost, but new players would not be discouraged from going up against veteran players in full gear.

A bolster system could be used instead to reduce this wide gap if necessary.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to the lists from others.

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10.16.2013 , 09:01 PM | #2
I would like to see ground vehicle combat like what their doing with space, but their cool ground assault vehicles. I would play the hell out of a World of Tanks clone on this game and would sink money and time into building up to a top tier class of vehicle. an AT-ST in PvP would be epic.

I'm hoping they expand the space combat to add classes of ships and even if there is a grind to obtain new ships, etc I would jump at this.

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10.16.2013 , 09:41 PM | #3
do they even make joysticks anymore?

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10.16.2013 , 09:59 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by sstanks View Post
do they even make joysticks anymore?
To answer your question, yes.

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10.16.2013 , 10:29 PM | #5
I think a PvE implementation would be very appealing to a lot of people. I would love to see some co-op content that was hard enough to present a challenge but easy to learn and play.

As for now, PvP is fine but I can def get behind a PvE implementation.
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LordArtemis's Avatar

10.16.2013 , 10:55 PM | #6
Just imagine a group of folks being able to fly in, in formation, to attack a target. I can see how something like that would be very fun to play.


10.16.2013 , 11:06 PM | #7
Good suggestions, I just hope there will be a separate pvp queue cause I only want to pvp in space. Eventual pve would be nice but Battlefront will probably take care of all of this so even if this new addition isn't my cup of tea I have that to look forward to.

Mowermanx's Avatar

10.16.2013 , 11:10 PM | #8
Having compelling AI in a 270/360deg room is a mammoth undertaking, and if they are working on it, I wouldn't expect to see it anytime soon.

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10.16.2013 , 11:26 PM | #9
But PvE players already have their own space game, they don't need to corrupt our PvP space game!
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10.17.2013 , 12:32 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by LordArtemis View Post
To answer your question, yes.
that's got to be a really really niche market.