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09.03.2015 , 12:35 AM | #741
Quote: Originally Posted by Sorrai View Post
Even if what you're saying is true, I think it is important not to dismiss the talent that still exists on other servers. What I'm noticing from some of the posts I've read on this forum is that there is a very small percentage of people who post here thinking their opinion is gospel. They are perfectly entitled to do so, but it can sometimes be misleading and inaccurate. I fly primarily on Begeren Colony and there are still many great pilots that fly there. I've also flown on Bastion, Ebon Hawk and Harbinger. My experience is that each server is a mixed bag depending on time and day of the week (as usual), but that "most good pilots" can still be found flying on every server.
Well yes I agree that there are some good pilots that stay on their home servers of course. But most of the top players have started characters on other servers. Off the top of my head, the only top players I can think of that haven't tested other waters are Nemarus and Xi'ao. Although I heard Xi'ao made a Harbinger imp account recently.

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09.03.2015 , 07:57 AM | #742
Quote: Originally Posted by Sorrai View Post

I'm not sure you took my statements in their proper context. So, I'll reiterate.

Yes, there are 75 pages of people giving shoutouts to their buddies and/or a kind word to a rival which has long since become outdated and ultimately ridiculous in the essence of identifying an "Ace" - a highly subjective/opinionated term slung around. But this page had fallen to the dustbin for very good reason.

As previously stated and then reiterated by Zuck, the real value of this thread and front page was that it provided a list of Who and Where for servers allowing folks to find pilots to group and play with/against. Hence... my suggestion to abandon the idea of crowning somebody or some group as the "best" or the "ace" or the whatever and to take the biggest positive byproduct from this thread and renew it. Most of the pilots on the lists no longer fly and part of having decent matches and fun games is knowing where folks are flying.

I can neither stop nor change the course of a decision that has already have been made, but I will sling out my opinion none the less. Proceed or do not, it makes no difference to me as I have the ability to abstain regardless.

Good luck.
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