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A Fun New Year's Resolution! Jedi Knight YouTube Series!

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A Fun New Year's Resolution! Jedi Knight YouTube Series!

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01.01.2019 , 02:44 AM | #1
JK Anime Intro Link:
JK Series Opening Link:
Episode 01:

Rather than the standard "lose weight" or something that has a 99% fail rate to start the new year, I figure I do something that I always wanted to do, mostly for myself to watch again versus rerolling my character. Recorded all the way up to Fallen Empire and going to be rolling out my Jedi Knight series with some minor editing to the story to smooth it out. It won't be a total immersive experience because lets face it, it is a game and some UI elements are just not possible to cut out entirely. But can make it as smooth as possible and make small changes to enhance the experience and be entertaining to watch.

Still debating about keeping the intro as I heard some cool remixes of the SWTOR intro that I might want to do instead of this song as it is blocked in Japan. Not really a big deal but I did lived there from 2001 till 2015 and I loved my time there. Anyways, (stupid late) will probably roll out the first episode later today to get it out but any feedback be great and I'll post them here if anything. Cheers.