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Swiftsure server

Imeni's Avatar

01.02.2012 , 04:20 AM | #11
Exactly! Most of us didn't even have a say in what sort of server we wanted to join. I think that just fell on the guy who premade the guild for TOR. And the rest of us just joined after SWG fell, or right before hand. By the time I got my character up to lvl 30, with my proffesions up to half, NOW i start having to deal with Queues.

Here it is, 2 am Central time (3 am for me.) I work midnights so I actually slept in and now stuck burning through an hour or longer just to play on a server. Who cares what them Aussies say? Seriously. They can be all emo about it being an "unofficial Aussie Server" all they want. Claiming that means nothing. Here, watch.

"This is hereby known as the Unofficial Ellen Page Server." So when she wants to, she UNOFFICIALLY has a server to join. See, I put Unofficially there, so its legit. True story.

Bioware, please. Just make them their own server, give them a free character/guild transfer and get them off my server. You guys were the one who pooled everyone together here. Fix it, please.