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New Player Tips

_Napalm_Death's Avatar

04.08.2021 , 10:30 AM | #1
Hi there everyone, So i'm Napalm_Death. in game you would have seen my zabrak hot female(lol) named Nėmuč i\on the Darth Malgus Server, i also own Cipher Gaming South Africa on you tube, Anyways here's some pointers for new players

First off, don't do what i did and buy rubbish, try save your money, you can either only use gear you pick up, or wait until you are on the fleet and get some pieces from the adaptive vendor in the supplies section, first part where the level 10 mod guy is, Try get mods often

Second part to the first is sell what you can and save up, if you are in a guild, sometimes you get lucky and nice enough rich people(ironic i know) would help out with credits or even premium equipment such as the ravager set but most are toxic

Now on to the game, i would highly recommend sorcerers spec into the corruption path, its healing focused,Corruption has a lower dps but a higher survivablity than others, madness works well too but not as potent healing, it works great if you use your companion as a tank

Hate Machine & Heroics:

These, i would highly recommend you wait until you get your companion, when i first started, i tried to solo it as i was doing good damage and figured eh, its korriban i can drop them easily...yeah there's too many for a sorcerer to deal with, they don't allow you to heal fast enough. Get an companion or play with a melee player and it would be a breeze.

okay so I'm still learning crafting so can't say much on the subject but i can say that it allows you to put materials on sale for a easy income tho not much

Okay first off I'm newly subbed(3days now) so i can vouch for how anti f2p bioware & ea is(yeah yeah surprise surprise but they are a Class 5 after all), but that is where the legacy bank comes in, its great, just don't be a dumb *** like myself, sold two premium items, forgot of the cap of 1mil for f2p and then deleted the character, losing 900k), put everything into the legacy bank, you get the legacy bank access once you have an stronghold, cheapest stronghold you can buy is at level 10 on the fleet at 5000 credits, then just put in a legacy cargo in your strong hold and you can access it even on a level 1 character, try store anything that's not bound, deposit all credits, the 1mil cap doesn't apply so once you sub you have credits stored up to buy, like i did with the rocket boost.

Okay as an ranged player, so I'm essentially the healer, buff and debuff as well as the AOE of the team, so i recommend you always use your companion, for most it'll be Khem in the tank or damage role, press ctrl+3 for his attack so they focus on you, cast crushing darkness and always keep affliction on the enemies, i like to cast on all enemies of the attacking group, it lowers their defenses so they're easier to kill


Now this you have to do, i didn't until recently, so keybind your important stuff especially, for me its, healing, attacks & stuns, especially overload with the one upgrade that tazes them in place, works great for a caster to put a enemy in its place! I tell you these peasant enemies really don't know their place in the world lol
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