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12.26.2018 , 11:02 AM | #221
Species/Race: Human
Name: Aeronak (Arrow-Nak)
Nickname: Darth Decimus
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 26 B.T.C.
Place of Birth: Dantooine
Age: 28
Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 220 Lbs.
Hair Color/Style: Jet black hair cut short, but still extending just over the back of his neck.
Facial Appearance: Rather plain features; thick jawline, short and round nose, average lips but a narrow mouth. A thin, dark beard covers the lower half of his face. A small brand on his left cheek has nearly faded into his pale skin, but no other blemishes can be seen.
Eye Color: Bright Yellow
Body Appearance: Athletic frame lined with lean muscle. Broad shoulders and narrow hips, he is at peak physical health for human males. There is light scarring on his chest that appears to have been caused by severe electrical burns. While these scars are mostly faded, they serve as a reminder of his near-death at the hands of his former master.
Home Planet: Dromund Kaas
Current Residence: Aboard an Imperial Dreadnought named Eviscerator
Allegiance: Sith Empire
Profession: Surveyor
Armor/Clothes: A set of black robes and tunic cover his light armor, a composite alloy thatís durability rivals that of the standard Imperial Soldier. Thick combat boots and greaves made up of the same alloy cover his legs and feet. He often wears a mask similar in design to the one belonging to the popularized Revan.
Primary Weapon(s): A single-bladed lightsaber with a 28-inch long, crimson blade. The hilt is black and made of doonium, highly resistant to blaster fire and lightsaber scoring. The blade itself is a bright crimson, the crystal having been bled while Aeronak was still a child.
Secondary Weapon(s): Aside from the power of the dark side of the force; small holdout blaster, tucked into his left boot. It is meant to remain on his person in the event of capture.
Miscellaneous Item(s): Long-Range Holocommunicator, 2 compact medkits and a datapad.

Biography: Aeronak was born to a wealthy farming family on the planet of Dantooine, though the peace his mother and father had know their entire lives was put to an end just 10 years after the birth of their son. Between the ages of 6 and 8: Aeronak took to exploring the ancient ruins of the Jedi Temple that once stood defiant in the face of long dead Sith. He would often attempt to ditch his droid escort by disappearing into various nooks and crannies while within the catacombs, succeeding on nearly every attempt. One day, however, after escaping his bodyguards he encountered a laigrek and nearly lost his life to the insect-like beast. He managed to evade the creatureís long, sharp pincers for several minutes before he was able to retreat back into the main corridor through the demolished wall he had entered the nest from. The creature managed to scuttle and squeeze itís way through the opening just enough to lash out and catch the boyís leg. Aeronak let loose a howl of pain, panic and child-like rage. For just a moment, his vision went dark and his body lost all feeling. When he regained his sight, the beast was dead: its long neck was broken and the black carapace surrounding it was shattered by an unknown force. Oily, dark green blood pooled beneath the creature. The boy pulled free and ran home as quickly as his legs could carry him. From that moment onward, he never went near the temple. He instead devoted his time to his studies and chores, allowing his mother to groom him into a respectable young boy and letting his father teach him how to be a man by way of hard labor. For the next two years, things were quiet and serene.

Then, the Empire sent a strike team to Dantooine in the hopes of finding relics in the temple ruins. His familyís farm had been close to the grounds, meaning that it became the primary headquarters for the Imperials while they went to work. After a month of serving the Imperials, Aeronakís father became fed up with his uninvited guests and turned against them. With the help of the estateís guard droids, he nearly succeeded in driving them away, but things took a turn for the worst when the officer in command of the Imperial raiders revealed himself to be much more than a typical soldier. The now-revealed Sith Lord easily dispatched the boyís father and droids, but didnít anticipate the anger it would stir in the child. Aeronak subconsciously lashed out with what power he could muster, barely managing to knock the Sith off his feet. The Sith, instead of killing the boy instantly, began to howl with laughter. He then rose with the speed of a star fighter and knocked the boy unconscious. He pulled his forces out of the sector and took the boy with him, leaving the estate a burning ruin.

Aeronak was made into a slave of the Sith Lord and trained to be an assassin, learning at the feet of the Sith for the next decade. During this time, he built his own lightsaber and bled it with the innocent lives of the Sith Lordís other slaves. He then devoted his time to learning the blade, realizing that his talents lay elsewhere after challenging his master to a duel and nearly dying in the process. It was only after he started focusing more on attuning himself to the force further that he truly started to flourish. He had a natural affinity for the use of force lightning and was able to conjure storms just a year into his new path of study. With his newfound powers, he again challenged his master. This time, the result was the exact opposite of their previous encounter. Aeronak toyed with the Sith Lord for most of the duel before finally unleashing his full malice on the man who enslaved him so many years ago. His power was enough to turn the Sith to ash, leaving a smoking pile of remains behind when the boy left his masterís palace.

Instead of returning to Dantooine, Aeronak sought to further his power. He departed Dromund Kaas and went to Korriban, seeking enlightenment. After training for another two years under the Dark Lords at the academy he joined the ranks of the Dark Lords and began working for the Empire. He participated in many battles over the course of his career, earning a reputation for having a cold and calculating personality. He took the name Darth Decimus after destroying the population of a small moon in its entirety. Hundreds of thousands of sentient life forms were wiped from the galaxy and he was reborn from the ashes of the moon. His power had never been greater.

The Empire has no standing orders for him aside from exploring the Unknown Regions at his leisure. Decimus hopes to uncover an ancient structure equivalent to the Rakatan superweapons of centuries past. Maybe one day, he will discover something that gives him the power to overthrow the Emperor...

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12.26.2018 , 09:53 PM | #223
If you are referring to me, thank you. Did you notice anything I could adjust?

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12.26.2018 , 10:06 PM | #224
Quote: Originally Posted by Justice_Caylor View Post
If you are referring to me, thank you. Did you notice anything I could adjust?
Yes I was referring to your work.

No, it's fine. I've never done that so I'm impressed by the depth of the background...
Hey, you didn't have to use my referral, but thanks

Any chance that Decimus one day remembers his dad was innocent - like his current victims ?

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12.28.2018 , 08:09 AM | #225
Quote: Originally Posted by BenduKundalini View Post
Yes I was referring to your work.

No, it's fine. I've never done that so I'm impressed by the depth of the background...
Hey, you didn't have to use my referral, but thanks

Any chance that Decimus one day remembers his dad was innocent - like his current victims ?
I have a feeling that he already knows, but as he is still developing for me, I donít want to strip away his humanity completely. For now, he has nightmares of the things heís done. Dreams about the Sith raiding his childhood home, only for them to reveal themselves to be Aeronak.

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12.28.2018 , 01:30 PM | #226
Quote: Originally Posted by Justice_Caylor View Post
I have a feeling that he already knows, but as he is still developing for me, I donít want to strip away his humanity completely. For now, he has nightmares of the things heís done. Dreams about the Sith raiding his childhood home, only for them to reveal themselves to be Aeronak.


Hey, speaking of that, have you seen Star Wars Theory's incredible short film on Vader ?

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04.12.2019 , 04:09 AM | #227
Species/Race:*Human Replica Droid


Middle Name:*N/A

Last Name:*Sometimes uses Numa, the last name of the organic that she saw the most


Gender:*Female Programming

Date of Birth:*

Place of Birth:*A secret Science facility in the Outer Rim

Apparent Age: 19

Actual Age:*10 months

Height:*5 7

Weight:*210 lbps

Hair Color/Style:*Blonde, Mostly worn up in twin-style tails

Facial Appearance:*Her synthskin is designed to be quite freckly to add to the realism, though in certain forms of light, has been known to show a slight shine/gloss. She wears eyeliner and a soft lipstick that almost matches her skin color. She also wears a slight blush that seems slightly dark

Eye Color:*Blue

Body Appearance:*A pear shaped figure and slightly chubby, much more on her lower half. She has thick legs on a wide-hip frame and an extremely pale skin complexion.

Home Planet:*Nar Shaddaa

Current Residence:*-

Allegiance:*Republic but mostly independent

Profession:*Scoundrel (Hides her unlawful activities using lawful smokescreens, i.e has been known to work in various cantinas and is a very gifted mechanical and cyberware engineer)

Armor/Clothes:*Mostly wears clothes that seems to show skin, being kind of proud of her physical human appearance. She tends to favour browns, whites, greys and blacks, but has been known to wear pink.

Primary Weapon(s):*Blaster Pistol

Secondary Weapon(s):*Her own mechanical abilities. As a droid, she is considerably physically stronger and faster than an unaugmented human of her size, and although not initially designed for combat, she had downloaded various forms of combat techniques

Miscellaneous Item(s):*Integrated comlink. Infrared, telescopic and low-light sensors that serves as her vision. She has various other forms of internal hardware like an integrated stealth unit, logic processors in her sensors designed to read and predict movement, parabolic auditory sensors, but her most prized feature is her ability to interface with any wireless device, difficulty depending on security. It's far more easier for her to connect to the devices she makes herself, than to connect to any console that she isn't fully aware of the security protocols.

Biography: LX-48Y was once a standard luxury droid created in a secret facility in the outer rim. Her role was for convenience and luxury of the organic lifeforms that also resided there, though it wasn't unusual for the same organics to expect something more from her. She was designed to look like a human female in its late teens / early adulthood. She was a very expensive model, being fitted with quite a few high end hardware and systems, all of which to best care for and provide simple pleasures for organic lifeforms, and to prevent various forms of accidents from occurring.

Most days aboard the station were just as similar as the previous and would be to the next until one day, on her activation, the place was eerily silent. There was no music, no sounds of chatter, no physical signs of any altercation.

As time went on, without her routine memory wipes, self awareness began to creep in, along with various other personality quirks until she decided, yes, DECIDED that she wanted to leave. Though getting out was no easy task. After weeks, there was still no signs of any organic lifeforms, the first thing she found was a datapad that kept a list of the containment cells, and that they were experiencing issues with Containment Cell 52 and for crews to fix the problem. Though like the rest of the ship, the cell was empty, though she did find an incomplete datapad with various commands and codes entered into them. Probably once belonging to one of the many maintenance staff.

After some exploring, she eventually found the hangar which luckily had a ship docked, a freighter class ship, but if it was in working order, would allow her to escape this creepy station and put it behind her. Conveniently, the codes to release the docking clamps were on the datapad she had found. The vessel itself contained many types of contraband and it was upon seeing and learning about these things that influenced the decisions she was about to make.

Starforge Server

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07.19.2019 , 10:01 AM | #228
Species/Race: Human
Name: Alexys
Middle Name: NA
Last Name: Rune
Nickname: NA
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Age: 35
Height: 5.5
Weight: 61 kgs
Hair Color/Style: Red, straight and medium length (down to shoulders), with part on the left side and a resemblance of bangs on the right side of the head
Facial Appearance: Oval shaped face with featured that are well dimensioned for her face, 3 large scars on the left cheek (self inflicted), full lips
Eye Color: Green
Body Appearance: Curvy, but fit & muscular (body type 2 in game)
Home Planet: Tattooine
Current Residence: Nar Shaddaa
Allegiance: Mandalore
Profession: Mercenary
Armor/Clothes: Beskar'gam, currently dyed in green and dirty white,to symbolise her duties to the clan (previous armour colours were black and gold) - not a very polished armour, it's all scarred and scratched
Primary Weapon(s): Strutzi (RK5 Starforged)
Secondary Weapon(s): Her father's old blaster - never knew what company manufactured it and never bothered to find out either
Miscellaneous Item(s): Your normal mando stuff - vibro blades, flame throwers, grenades, whatever is needed for the mission (but always conscious of the weight added)


Alexys was brought up on Tattooine until around 9 years old when a bunch of sand people attacked the settlement where she, her adoptive parents and step sister (5 at the time) were living. She used to be a loner anyway, always arguing with her sister, never listening to her parents (which she was never allowed to forget that she was adopted out of the goodness of their hearts and always remembered what they did for her) and spending enormous amount of time watching the stars at night, on the cold sand, while everyone was sleeping.

The attack that killed her family was brutal, unexpected and marked her for life, as you would expect a 9 years old to be scarred. The only reason why she survived was because she hid and dragged her sister to hide with her as well. She shut down while in hiding, forgetting details of the attack afterwards as a self protection mechanism. It is a huge possibility that her force sensitivity is what drove her actions in that moment anyway, despite her not even knowing until later in life and never being a trained (not even after finding out, she still refused to accept it).
For some unknown reason, her father was left alive and dying which made Alexys have her first kill - to spare the man's misery, she replicated the process she saw him doing one too many times before with their injured animals, and shot her old man right between the eyes to spare him the suffering. Not an easy task, achieved with many struggles, a crying sister in the background that she had to knock out somehow before and with a flood of tears on her own side as well.

Her smarts pulled her through and helped her survive, but she was not a precocious child, but a child who endured some hardships and whom was driven into being cold and trained in basic blaster skills by her step father, out of boredom.

The aftermath was horrible - Alexys and her sister have been in their parents house for a full week, surviving on barely anything that was left behind by the sand people, haunted by nightmares and corpses.
Not so close with her sister before this event, Alexys definitely found a new affection for the little urchin as she was the only family left. So, naturally, Alexys tried to protect Reddix (as she was nicknamed by the family) as much as possible.

Eventually, the day came when they both realised that the only way to survive is to leave the house behind and ... well, find alternative ways of feeding themselves. So they started making their way to Moss Illa using their father's old speeder and learning how to pilot it from his old notes, finally appreciating the tech skills drilled into them forcibly by their old man.

But Moss Illa was not a better place. In fact, it was less safer for them and they would have gotten into trouble were it not for an old merry cantina owner who took pity on them and put a roof over their heads and warm food on the table, in exchange for help around the cantina. To keep her sister out of trouble's way, Alexys took more work upon herself, some including cleaning tables and helping deliver the beverages to the patrons.

It was a nice arrangement for them for a few years and the usual patrons were decent to her, until the day Alexys found herself in the middle of a tragedy again. She was 16 at this point, starting to look like a proper young lady with nice curves. Just in looks, because her vocabulary was filthier than a drunken pirate's and was known for being moody and with a short fuse. Nevertheless, respected by the patrons, despite the usual curse and insult.
Alas, it was midnight and the cantina people were as cheery as always, drunk and mumbling, when disaster stroke. One of the patrons, an unfamiliar Weequay (probably just passing through Tat before his next violent endeavour), noticed her looks and did what all scum do - grabbed things. The teenager, angry as a rancor, proceeded to fight back and that did not end well for her, no matter the training she's been taking or her stubborness. In fact, it nearly left her dead, with a broken spine around the cervical area and punctured organs.

(To be continued!)