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Hardcore players are bane of mmos in current stage

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Hardcore players are bane of mmos in current stage

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08.16.2015 , 09:32 AM | #131
Quote: Originally Posted by iusCogens View Post
Top tier content is always about 100% execution of mechanic. You simply cannot brute force your way through it, not even being overleveled and overgeared can save you from mechanic that is designed to wipe the group if not executed properly. Most of the mechanics in HM/Nim are already present in SM, but taken up to eleven and buffed so groups have no choice but to deal with them.

I still see people dying to being Doomed in SM TfB. Level 60 and wearing 192/198. Most pugs can clear all SM content, but HM and NiM require coordination. It's simply something that you won't see much in a group of strangers.
It's not brute the way, we study the guide and some ppl have done it, yet it's still not friendly to pugs.

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08.17.2015 , 03:43 PM | #132
Quote: Originally Posted by onegoldpls View Post
I already linked my 8/10 hm progression and you still call me a troll. I also would glad to link my old wow progression, but it's useless anyway. Why should games without any competetive scene busy players with hardcore stuff? If majority doesn't enjoy hard content, why it should even exist. I still don't hear any good point.
I'm sorry , but i really didn't have the patience to read through the 12 pages of this thread , i only looked at what you posted initially , but if you want a reason why hard content is in a game , here it is : Some people enjoy the challenge.

It does not have to be 100% of the player base that does it , just enough people , that the developers can make a profit out of developing that content because people will keep their subscription going , just so they can play with their friends and enjoy the challenge of a coordinated fight.

It is not mandatory to complete so you are not obligated to do it if you don't feel like it . Just like a single player game has multiple difficulty modes so you can challenge your skill a MMO has different levels of difficulty for their content.

Games with a competitive aspect to them , like Starcraft , have their focus on pvp , but even a game like that , still has difficulty settings for their single player campaigns , so players can enjoy and satisfy their need for
"hardcore stuff" as you put it. And if that is not enough , then how about another example , this time of a single player game , without a competitive aspect :

Witcher 3 - i do not think i am the only one on these forums that has played that game 1 time on normal difficulty and then , just for the extra fun , did another run on Death March ( hardest difficulty if i remember correctly ), just to see if i can do it and to see how good i was at controlling the character.

Its that simple really, a game has that , so that people that want to do it , have that option , but it is not forced on anyone and doesn't take a huge amount of time to develop ( this is a presumption from my part based based on the ops that i see in this game and other MMOs as well ) , since most encounters are basically the same as the easy version , with maybe a few tweaks here and there to dmg , HP and with maybe a new added mechanic for extra difficulty.
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