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Key Binding for Grouped Content?

Ryuku-sama's Avatar

08.12.2015 , 06:51 PM | #11
For myself..

I have a Naga Hex. I switch target with the wheel. I bind strafe to 1-2 on my mouse along with focus target modifier, my offensive adrenals, cleanse and taunts. I mouse turn but don't have a forward bind. On the keyboard I use f1-f4, 1-5, Q-Y, A-G, Z-N for my abilities. I have jump on a key beside 1 and my interrupt on tab. Z-V and A-S are used for DCD's, wz adrenal and medpack. D-G are used for AoE and AoE CC. Q-E are used for heals (go up to T for healers spec) or other abilities (Berzerk, Bloodthirst, Gore for Carnage).
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