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Gearing Up

Kairaith's Avatar

08.06.2015 , 04:24 PM | #1
So I just hit 60 on my main character, and I'm pretty lost on what to do. I finished the Shadow of Revan quest line which gave me 186/190 gear. How do I get even better gear? Does it drop off operations or do I have to farm for comms?

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08.06.2015 , 04:51 PM | #2
If you haven't done Ziost I would do it for 190 gear. Then run Operations for the superior token pieces. Aim for getting set bonuses first. After that you can min max the mods and Enhancements from token drops. With 192 you can do HM and get the 198. A unique item is a 204 Mh which drops from CM on Ziost.

As for comms, use basic and elite to buy stuff and sell it to vendors for cash.
If a tank use ultimates to get B-mods. If not use same way as basic and elite by buying and vendoring when time expires. Also augment and use legacy shells!
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08.07.2015 , 12:02 AM | #3
I'd say go to dulfy and read up your class guide, there's information about gearing and stats priority for every class. Very useful.

If you're not aiming for the sky, then general guide lines are these:

for dps: 100% accuracy (758 rating + 1% from companion buff) is a must, 200-300 critical rating, 68% surge (333 rating + 1% from companion buff), all the rest is in power.

for heals: 25% crit, 68% surge, 0 accuracy, rest is in alacrity

for tanks I use this:

augmenting also has become a must if you want to not be frowned upon in ops. It takes time and money to augment your gear, if you only have 1 toon, you will probably have to buy kits mk-10 and augments from gtn. I'd say go for blue ones at first, as they are a lot cheaper and will give you quite a boost anyway.

I use overkill augment 36 for all my dps and heals toons (case can be made for alacrity on some dps classes, many people have had great results with that) and shield, absorb or redoubt augments for tanks to meet the optimal stats distribution.

Hope this helps, good luck with gearing up!