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Wishlist of Changes to old Operations with KotFE

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Wishlist of Changes to old Operations with KotFE

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08.03.2015 , 12:50 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Loc_n_lol View Post
Well, at this point, maybe it's sonic rebounder that has to change ?...
This I agree with completely. It's insane to think how many mechanics you can completely negate with Sonic Rebounder. This is more of an issue then the old school raids/mechanics themselves. I like the idea of giving it a 3-5 min CD, but I personally think it shouldn't be raid wide at all. If anything, just for the user pressing it.

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08.06.2015 , 10:36 AM | #42
All ops: thrash / time to return to the boss should take less time (i think dp is at a nice spot)

ravagers and toss: make hydraulics and sonic rebounder weaker (fpr HM at least). When 75% of most ops teams are made of troopers / bounty hunters there must be something wrong.

PS: I know you can make the new ops with diferent classes,but it's super easy whem you bring 8 troopers.

PS2: Sry the typos, english is not my first language and this was made in a smartphone
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08.06.2015 , 10:58 AM | #43
TFB: fine as is
SnV: Cutting down on non boss adds would be nice and make people unable to do superteam. Its a silly gimmick that only costs the group more time. Also for the money bosses make it so you can interrupt the super final offers or something.
DF: Legacy interrupt would be nice on draxus (or some reduction at least, not everyone is a marauder)
DP: Fix the damn healing challenges, its currently still set too high for a lvl 55 operation meant to be done in 162/168 unaugmented gear SM. (Story mode shouldn't need 3 healers, especially since the other challenges are nowhere near as challenging, You can have one DPS do the DPS challenge solo and the other tank can smoke a cigarette while he waits for his timer)
Rav: Good as is. (altough watch out you dont buff the adds, the AOE circles or fire of bulo too much, adds especially since ive seen people complain of bugged barrels)
- Walkers is sorta good as is as long as a person is dedicated to bombs, I feel like the fight would be a bit easier on people if the enrage was 30 seconds longer than what it is currently (so an enrage around 6 minutes iirc) SM of course.
- Underlurker is like others have said, still too hard for pug runs, I personally dont mind since I rarely do pug runs but its also not very melee friendly and its kinda silly to have our guild only allow ranged DPS. For SM I hope bioware can reduce the AOE damage going out and make the adds not overlap their AOE damage circles.
- Up the challenge of the commanders on story mode, I think the healing requirement is between 1000-2000 EHPS, it can be solo healed and you can pretty much run it with 7 DPS if you wanted to.
- Revan is good as is but! give us some proper stairs, ive seen people fail that part of the fight -.-' even with the free revive you get later thats still annoying and costs time.

As a whole I wish they added some money bosses akin to the ones on TFB and SnV, all operations pretty much have room for them (except for maybe DF / DP)
also better speeder points (instant at that if possible) / teleport points would be nice.

DarthZaul's Avatar

08.08.2015 , 09:27 PM | #44
Less trash in ops like TFB with loads of it.
No more 10 minute walks back to the boss like in EC and TFB.
Underlurkers cross should not need all 8 people to be standing in it in SM so it's OK if someone dies.
Fix Underlurker bugs.
Make Revanite Commanders an actual boss fight. God dam that fight is so boring.
Get rid of the god dam moneybosses in TFB and SAV. I'm here to raid, not to make credits. Make credits in your own time instead of wasting mine.
No more hardmare.
Don't make EC as hard as it was back then.

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08.08.2015 , 11:14 PM | #45
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthZaul View Post
Make Revanite Commanders an actual boss fight. God dam that fight is so boring.
There's a really easy fix for this: make it so that there's always a council member on the floor. As it is now, the fight consists of:

1. Fight trash that dies in two GCD's for two minutes.
2. Fight boss for ten seconds.
3. Rinse and repeat for ten minutes.
4. Fight all three council members for 30 seconds.
5. Collect loot.
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