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Single player mode for all content.

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07.18.2013 , 08:34 AM | #21
The best example of allowing solo players to have a dip of endgame/group content I know of are the chronicles in Rift.
They made solo/duo versions of some raid instances and adapted/deleted some mechanics inside to cater the reduced amount of players.
This way players could have a look at what it looks inside, continue the story and some more content was offered to players who play at odd hours, cannot/want not to group up or for whatever reason prefer to play solo.

However, the rewards got adapted too as rewards should always scale/represent the difficulty of the instance and the set-up required to get a group for it.

And yes, I have difficulties to understand ppl who want to have everything others get, but not do the same to get it.

Would I love to get my Xth alt geared faster/easier for ops sometimes? - Yes, but if I can get all the rewards without playing the MMOpart of a mmorpg .... then I could go back to a single player rpg and use the editor and just get all the gear I want and way faster too.

And there are a bunch of guilds out there offering a home to those who work long, odd hours, RL (kids, wife or cats first) priority players.

Maybe you should invest some of your time to find a guild, group of like-minded players ... I mean it shouldn't be too hard as the majority of players (following your research) support your ideas and views.

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07.18.2013 , 10:16 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Wiggly_Dinkus View Post
There are always those that love getting in large groups and doing scripted stuff that takes an hour or two and that is just fine, there should be plenty of that. But finishing quests that go on forever only to end up needing to do 4 man heroics is just plain stupid. You did all the rest of it alone, why screw it up and change it mid stream?.
Um, there is NOTHING like what you are describing in this game. All planet heroic missions are considered side quests and are therefore optional - they are NOT part of the overall planetary quest line. The only quest line I can think of that remotely fits into what you are describing is the "Jedi Prisoner" quests, but in all candor all that does is link three consecutive Flashpoints into a single story arc. And even it is optional (I did not complete it on my first character until I did the HM version of Maelstrom Prison at level 50).

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08.07.2015 , 04:05 PM | #23
Nerds will find anything to argue.

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08.08.2015 , 05:47 AM | #24
There is no way you have exhausted the game OP. No way. There's a lot for you to experience. For instance have you maxed out your rep in things like the PvE space missions? That doesn't take tons of time, is fun, and would fit in your schedule of being this busy family nine job human being who clearly wants to have their cake and eat it too.

Regardless, I do agree that heroic 4s should be heroic 2+s. The time has long since passed where heroic 4s meant anything. It's a shame cause early on those were great additions. Just the way it goes.

Also, you're getting what you want. Or I should say Bioware is compromising with players such as yourself:

"For Flashpoints, we have made quite a few changes to give you more options on what to play, and how to play them. For starters, all of the Flashpoints which are important to the core story have had a Solo Mode added, similar to what we did for the Forged Alliances Flashpoints. Also, those Solo Modes are repeatable, so you can play through them again if you want! "

You're also getting solo mode story chapters regularly with this new expansion. You're getting everything you could want. If you can open your eyes to see it that is.