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Allow more than 1 companion to be used at a time.

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Allow more than 1 companion to be used at a time.

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10.22.2019 , 11:32 PM | #11
The only place I could possibly see this being a good thing (and even then I'm not sold on it) is for group content like Ops. Myself, I'd like to play through more Ops, but I don't have the time to join a guild and get a decent group together. Group Finder's not too bad for this but you can wait for ages and not actually get a group. Being able to take companions into them would allow me to play the content.

That said, this game is an MMO. You're supposed to play with others. If you want to do group content, find people to do it with. So many of the FPs these days have a story mode for you to play through with a companion and the OP droid, do we really want to do that for all the content?

The game isn't hard enough for general story missions to need anything more than 1 companion, having 2 or more would be overkill.

I would like to find something to do with companions though. I was collecting all of them and I have so many now and I only really use one on my main. Being able to have more than 3 crew skills and assign certain companions to them would be an interesting idea, although not without a large impact on the crafting economy.

I just had an idea. Maybe something similar to Auto Chess. It's a 1v1 setup, your companions versus someone else's, with your player character in there as well. Could be interesting. It could also devolve into every companion being a healer and nobody actually winning as well haha.


10.23.2019 , 05:28 AM | #12
This is a good thing make swtor like kotor 1 and 2 but i think having character switch key so we can play as the comps- would be fun
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10.23.2019 , 01:34 PM | #13
This idea is a no brainer and would be great for solo players who cant do any non story mode FPs.
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