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SOLUTIONS: what to do about cartel items becoming a storage nightmare?

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SOLUTIONS: what to do about cartel items becoming a storage nightmare?

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05.10.2014 , 07:47 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaisernick View Post
this and the rest of your ramblings are just plain stupid, if everyone who saw this decided to follow your advice tell me how would u buy those cartell items off the GTN?
Don`t be silly. There will ALWAYS be someone that will gamble. I offered a sure way of converting real cash into ingame cash, via known and non-devaluating items, like the rare dyes. Not my fault you or others get greedy then end up with lots and lots of stuff that doesn`t sell well and you can`t simply destroy or sell at 1000 credits.

Now, be smart and invest in 50 black and black dyes - those still sell at 3 mils a pop. Or rare weapons, like the assault cannon Dorn and sit on it for 1 year, then sell at 1 mil, just as the folks that sell DLA`s and Holo Snipers. Those were dirt cheap back in the day. No need for storage neither, as you get free 50 or whatever places on the GTN for your stuff.

Keep telling yourself is somebody else`s fault now.

Quote: Originally Posted by Jedi_Thran_Kuro View Post
Maybe you should come clean and admit that your aggressive and judgmental behaviors here are an attempt to create for yourself a feeling of importance and influence in the face of what is likely an infuriatingly pedestrian existence, devoid of meaning, and subject to the whims of those more powerful than you? It's just a guess, and I hope an inaccurate one. But if so, one has to wonder why all the nastiness about something that couldn't possibly affect your ability to play the game the way you prefer. Nevermind, I leave that to you and the mental health professional you should be seeing.
I am not the one asking to cheat the system because I`m stupid. Because you DID and still DO have the option to invest in sure revenue, like the CM things that never go down in price - rare dyes, renames, whatever you can find on the GTN that never goes too far down and you can buy DIRECTLY. That way you achieve 2 things:

1. Have a sure and predictable CC to credits ratio AND ensure you keep minimum things on sale - using the GTN as a storage + your own for things that will go on sale.
2. Keep your inventory to a minimum, as you don`t end up with 7 items, from which 5 are duplicates per each pack open.

SO, you gambled, or brought it onto yourself and now you want Bioware to save you? Maybe you should have saved yourself. You still can - destroy the ones you don`t need / want or sell for 1k a pop. You had, have and will have multiple choices. Not my fault you refuse to use them.

As for the red text, I`ll tell you why. You are part of the "GimmeGimmeGimme" crowd, that can`t think for **** and wants game mechanics tailored for their needs, even if they could have avoided their situation entirely with a bit of thinking before doing. And the man hours dedicated to a potential solution to a problem that doesn`t exist past the user stupidity, or the second it takes for someone to read your idea - could be used towards ACTUAL PROBLEMS, like the changing instances bug that is only in the game since launch, or fixing the big butt bug that was fixed before once and it resurfaced, or fix the reflection on Cybernetic 512, or fixing the very actual and real bugs this game has, even on PAID content, like CM items.

Because, each time I change instance to join a Heroic or my group, I am thinking of the diverted resources to some idiot idea, instead of being forced to relog each time I switch instances. SO, I will shoot as many holes in any idea I think it`s stupid, in the hope that it never sees the light of day.
Quote: Originally Posted by John Riccitiello View Post
When you are six hours into playing Battlefield and you run out of ammo in your clip, and we ask you for a dollar to reload, you're really not very price sensitive at that point in time...We're not gouging, but we're charging.