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4 Stronghold and number of hooks limitation a result of Conquest bonus?

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4 Stronghold and number of hooks limitation a result of Conquest bonus?

Vhaegrant's Avatar

06.04.2015 , 08:10 AM | #1
I'd be really interested to know if the four Stronghold limit and the restriction on the total number of placables is a limitation of the technology (data storage, recall, server load) or a means to prevent Conquest bonuses to getting too high.

I really don't participate in Conquest but do like the idea of having numerous Strongholds open and available for use. This certainly starts to become an issue with comments from last nights (3rd june 2015) Livestream commenting on how passionate the SH devs are about providing accommodation for characters. I'm not sure how often I'm going to develop a SH if I know I'll have to shut another one down

I can understand the limits tech places on the game, I wish programming and memory management was a matter of waving a magic wand but I understand the practicalities.

On the matter of Conquest bonus I am not so forgiving. For many of the players I know who were focused on getting the biggest bang for their Conquest time the SHs were just dumping ground for the cheapest decorations going.

If conquest is a reason behind the limitations is there not someway of only counting a certain number of hooks towards the Conquest bonus (allow players to exceed this if they desire, maybe not to every single hook filled, but more than current values)

Similar request for the number of SHs, only count the four most decorated towards the Conquest bonus.

This still leaves the Conquest bonus at the pre-existing value but allows those of us that actively enjoy expanding their real estate portfolio to indulge.

Also, as BW expand the number of SHs to own and the number of decorations this would not discourage players from purchasing additional content.

StarChanneller's Avatar

06.04.2015 , 02:46 PM | #2
I agree. I don't wanna have to choose between deleting my Coruscant Stronghold or my Dromund Kaas Stronghold. I also would LOVE to have more hook space, obtaining the decorations is difficult enough without thinking about how to place them to make the Stronghold look nice and well decorated within the allotted number of hooks which for Tatooine and Yavin 4 is just too low.

MaximusRex's Avatar

06.04.2015 , 06:05 PM | #3
They have always been pretty clear that the limit of 4 is for performance issues, lots of data to load across a lot of people impacts server performance, and has nothing to do with the Conquest bonus.