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Best Damage Class for Bounty Hunter? (2015)

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Best Damage Class for Bounty Hunter? (2015)

Crosk's Avatar

08.08.2015 , 02:12 AM | #1
Hi, I just restarted playing Star Wars and many of the old forums I went to advice date back to 2012 or 2011.

So my question is, which class for Bounty Hunter is best for damage? Power Tech or Mercenary?

I read on other forums that Powertech may be better for PvP and your health lasts longer yet does slower damage

Others say the Mercenary are the best for damage

I am a noob so simple explanations, preferably with stats to back it up, are encouraged

Thank you all so much
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Mubrak's Avatar

08.08.2015 , 02:53 AM | #2
Your decision shouldn't be based on which spec currently does most damage at max level (which would be IO merc), but what kind of class you'd like to play. Powertech is melee / tank, Mercenary ranged / healer.

When people talk about how good a class is for PVP they really mean deathmatch arenas. In objective oriented warzones everyone is fine, but when you want to decide a 4v4 match by focussing on one opponent, you pick the one who can be really dangerous if left alone but falls quickly under focus. Mercs are a good choice when other glass cannons have rolls, vanishes and god-bubbles.