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New Mount Speeds NOT Working

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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06.16.2017 , 05:22 PM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by unibim View Post
What about tooltip that says about being available at 30 and 35 levels? Is it wrong?
It's not wrong.

That only means you need to be at least that level to be able to purchase (directly in your legacy window) or use it (item from the CM), not that the ability is automatically granted at that level.

If you want to use credits to purchase it in your Legacy window, there's an additional minimum Legacy level required to purchase it - IOW, you need both Character level 30 and Legacy level 10 if you want to purchase Speeder piloting 4 with credits, and you need character level 35 and Legacy level 12 to purchase piloting 5 with credits. But if you are paying with cartel coins, only the minimum character level applies.
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06.19.2017 , 10:49 PM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by SebastiaanZ View Post
Fine wait till 5.3, but make it a legacy unlock as advertised and not a character unlock.
Or at least give us an option to unlock this Legacy wide like we have with other stuff. Outfit Designer, Legacy Storage, etc.
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06.20.2017 , 12:00 AM | #63
I personally have no issue with the purchase of the "access earlier" unlock being on a per-character basis; after all, that is how the unlocks for earlier access to speeder piloting I, II, and III function, so it stands to reason that IV and V would work the same. The issue that I have is that the placement of these unlocks in the exact same location, and in the same normal "progression", if you will, as the 3 prior unlocks, makes it seem like it would behave the same: you can either purchase these unlocks to gain access to faster speeder speeds earlier, or you can just level up and gain them at the normal level via the skill trainer.

This does not seem to be the case. The skill trainers do not have these skills to train, at any level. They don't appear in your list of skills, even after purchase (I was an idiot and dropped the 1.8 million on my main immediately after patch). I think some additional clarification on these skills is of paramount importance: are these two unlocks required to get the speeder access, or do they perform in the same way as the three old ones, only allowing access earlier in the leveling process?

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06.20.2017 , 03:48 AM | #64
What will be happening to the Kurtob alliance speeder will that be increased to 130% at any pilot level or will it still be left at rank 110% speed and increase with the pilot level of rank 4 and 5?

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06.20.2017 , 08:10 PM | #65
Somebody must have just been copypasting values and didn't even bother to change what was needed. Come on Bioware.

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06.23.2017 , 07:05 AM | #66
Quote: Originally Posted by LordMairsil View Post
Very disappointing these are character perks and not legacy. For years we've been told the engine couldn't handle higher speeds (well maybe it was true after all, considering it's not working), and now we have to spend 50+ million to get up to speed again? This should really have been a legacy-wide purchase to unlock 4 and 5 on the trainer.
Totally agree, if they can make the additional CXP bonus a Legacy Perk, why not the two additional speeder speeds? Stupid to have to pay to increase each toon separately.

kmatsumari's Avatar

08.09.2017 , 04:22 AM | #67
I need to make some things very clear, and to do so, I will quote the actual in-game text of a few items, and their raw implications:

Cartel Market Listing: Legacy Perk: Improved Speeder Piloting V
This grants the ability Speeder Piloting V at level 35, allowing the use of all Speeders. Speeder Piloting V increases your movement speed while on Speeders by 130%. This ability is usually available at level 70.
Requires Level 35.
Speeder Piloting V increases your movement speed while on Speeders by 130%.
Unlocks the corresponding item in your Legacy.

What this listing tells me are the following:
This will give me an item that will grant me speeder piloting rank 5 as early as level 35 (provided I have unlocked Rank 4 by this time), which will subsequently increase my speeder's movement speed to 130%. If I don't buy this, I won't get Rank 5 until level 70.
What actually happens: it gives you the item Improved Speeder Piloting V.
Requires Level 35
Use: Applies the selected unlock to your Player Character.
Immediately grants the player Speeder Piloting V. This will unlock the matching Legacy Character Perk.

What this item tells me:
If I am able to use this item, I will have Speeder Piloting Rank 5 (which means I am level 35 or higher and already have Rank 4 unlocked on this character). Why did I buy this item when I could have just bought it and used it in one action via the Character Perks tab in my legacy window?
My points to be made:
  1. The Cartel Market Listing is the only source that mentions that Rank 4 and 5 Speeder Piloting are normally available at levels 60 and 70 respectively, yet this is completely untrue! Ranks 4 and 5 are only obtainable by paying for it via the CM or the Legacy tab.
  2. These Piloting Ranks can be purchased via the Character Perks tab (as they are now undoubtedly intended) when you have the proper credits/CC and meet the other requirements, or you can buy the item off of the CM (why?), which does the exact same thing, only it creates a bound item in your inventory.
  3. The Cartel Market Item listings for both Speeder Piloting 4 and 5 differ greatly in their descriptions from Speeder Piloting 3, in that the level required mentioned is the same for Ranks 5 and 3 (level 35), and all 5 are misleading in that they unlock the corresponding item in your legacy.
  4. Speeder Piloting Legacy Perk listings in the CM are the only listings that use "Legacy Perk" in their item name, while other item listings that actually provide Legacy-wide unlocks use the prefix "Legacy Unlock".
  5. Other CM listings mention Account-wide unlocks, which is different to Legacy-wide unlocks (see Global Unlocks Section of Legacy Window), and vastly different from Character Unlocks.

After considering all of these points, and the obvious confusion (yes, even I was misled into buying ranks 4 and 5 off the CM), my conclusion is thus:

The Cartel Market Listings for Speeder Piloting I - V are not only redundant, but misleading in more than just one way. Not only are the rank 4 and 5 items blatantly incorrect about their being usually available at Levels 60 and 70 without the unlocks being purchased and used, the listings descriptions only make one very remote reference to the fact that they are strictly Character unlocks and not Legacy unlocks: "Unlocks the corresponding item in your Legacy." and this description is so vague as to its intention that it actually adds more evidence to the contrary as to what it will do. All of the listing description does is to say "Buy me now so you don't have to wait until level 70 on all your toons in your legacy to have rank 5 speed." For those that haven't seen that this item is in the Legacy Character Perk tab (and for those that haven't ever seen their Legacy Window, this is even more misleadng), this item listing is not only confusing and misleading, but horribly redundant, which makes it all the more confusing as to why it is available in the first place. This item requires the same level as Level 3 speeder piloting (huh?) and costs less than Speeder Piloting Level I (***?). The even more convoluted part is that we are able to train Speeder Piloting Levels I - III at higher levels (as intended), and we can still unlock those character perks even after we have those ranks (we can waste credits and CC on things we already have unlocked a different way). Since these inconsistencies occur in the CM, Legacy Window, and the Items themselves, many people have drawn the same conclusion that ranks 4 and 5 were intended to be Legacy-wide unlocks when purchased via the CM. What makes it worse is that many players won't see the item in the "show items" section of the listing, thus they won't see the actual item description until it is too late and non-refundable...staring at us in our inventory...with a bound timer for 36 hours. For those that concluded that they were Character perks from the start, well, congrats to you; you have probably gotten screwed over on a bad conclusion in the past, so stop the high-horse attitude that you are less gullible than the rest of us.

Should BW remove the items from the CM to stop the confusion? Most likely; they serve no purpose except to sell them for less than the credit requirement is to pay in the Legacy window. If they make it Legacy-wide for the CM items, then keep them of course.

Should BW fix the completely irrational text in the Listings if they don't remove them? They better do so if they don't want to be overloaded with tickets. They really should explicitly use the term "Character Perk" on all items that are such perks, and anything that is only going to mention "Legacy" by itself should be "Legacy Unlock", and cease using the minced term "Legacy Perk". They have alread gotten the "Account-wide Unlock" bit as explicit as it needs to be, why can't they follow the same logic elsewhere?

Should BW refund us poor saps that bought them thinking they are legacy unlocks? Maybe. If they decided to keep Speeder piloting strictly Character perks AND they don't allow us to naturally get them as subs at level 60 and 70.

I'll admit I was a little buzzed when I bought mine, but I would have arrived at the same conclusion nonetheless. However, my buzzed state of mind pushed me to further confirm my conclusion by using the Speeder Piloting rank 4 item and then subsequently toon hopping to see if it worked how I thought it would. Then came the "I just wasted some CC..."

After digging up some info on this subject and discovering that Speeder Ranks 4 and 5 currently cannot be unlocked without paying for these perks, it remains to be seen whether I wasted my CC or not. considering the credit costs (600k and 1.2m), I'd have preferred to pay in CC anyway, but speeder piloting 4 and 5 are not as useful on my level 70 as they would be on my lower level toons that are still going through storyline. If Ranks 4 and 5 are going to remain paid unlocks only, then I only wasted my rank 4 unlock and some lucky toon will have rank 5 speed at level 35, but if they make them obtainable at level 60 and 70 per the CM listing texts, then I probably still only wasted my rank 4, and I am selling my rank 5. However, if they make the CM items unlock Legacy-wide, and my prior use of my rank 4 speeder piloting item does not count as my legacy unlocking of it, then I [b]really[b] wasted my rank 4 item, but my rank 5 item is very much money well spent.

As a final bit of thought on the "how could you mistake this item for a legacy-wide unlock", consider the following items:

Unlock: Inventory Module.
Use: Applies the selected unlock to your Player Character.
Adds 10 additional Inventory slots. You can have a maximum of 80 Inventory slots.

Unlock: Inventory Module (Account).
Use: Applies the selected unlock to all Characters on your Account.
Adds 10 additional Inventory slots. You can have a maximum of 80 Inventory slots. This applies to all characters on the account (on all servers).

Although these two items are explicitly different, you can see that there have been items that were available for both Character unlock and Legacy/Account wide unlocks.

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08.09.2017 , 06:23 AM | #68
@kmatsumari : Two points:

First, a usability issue: can you change the dark blue text to something brighter so it's easier to read against the black background?

Second: the CM items are so that you can give one as a gift to a non-subscribing Significant Other, a friend, or whatever, or even sell it on the GTN. There is, as you say, no other reason for them to exist.

I suspect the level-60 / level-70 thing is text that was written before they decided not to have actual trainable abilities for these tiers of piloting, but wasn't modified afterwards.
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