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Where The Open World PVP

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Where The Open World PVP

MK-ULTRA's Avatar

09.13.2019 , 10:32 PM | #1
For a nub quest I had to go to pvp zone on Tatt. It looked amazing but I was the only one there.

Are there any good always populated open area pvp zones?

The warzones are fun but only 4vs4.
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Raansu's Avatar

09.14.2019 , 04:06 PM | #2
Warzones are 8v8, arenas are 4v4. Sadly lowbie pvp isn't as popular so you get 4v4 99% of the time. WPVP basically doesn't exist anymore ever since they removed pvp servers and made instanced areas. Open your map and in the drop down box in the bottom right corner you can move to a pvp instance of whatever zone you're in. Its rare to run into someone though.

Yeldah_'s Avatar

09.21.2019 , 07:17 PM | #3
This Ransuu dude is on the fookin money. Best place to go are the events (tunnels and the pylon gank fest) make sure you switch your instance. Happy ganking.
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