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Titles and Legacy names

Cancrizans's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 08:06 AM | #1
Hi all, good to see all of you on the forums, and I hope you get in game as soon as possible!

I was wondering if anyone had a little info concerning the way names work that might clarify something for me.

Ok so with both titles like "Darth" and "Master" and legacy surnames being available, what are the display options? The reason I wonder this is, for example say, anticipating your eventual acquisition of the Darth title, you wish to make a character that will eventually be known as Darth Bobo. Would you name the character itself Bobo or would that be your legacy name?

I assume you would name the character what you wish to follow the title, but how does that affect displaying your legacy name? Also how does it relate to actual Star Wars practice...for example what exactly was "Vader"? A first name? Something else? I know you can choose to not display your surname, but what if you wanted your surname to follow the title? I guess that isn't possible as it would require the ability to hide your chosen character name...

Just curious as to how this works in general as I'm not too familiar. Thanks!

Axwet's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 08:08 AM | #2
If you create a character named Bobo you will get Darth as a title so dont worry about your legacy name. Your legacy name can be anything else and you get to choose it.