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SWTOR class roles and your personality type

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SWTOR class roles and your personality type

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12.12.2019 , 09:35 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Lhancelot View Post
I believe that in many cases what class role in a game can represent the type of personality-type a player has. Here are some of my observations over many years of playing MMOs.

Damage (DPS) - These players are a bit more varied than their other two counterparts! Either the DPS player tends to be flighty and finds it difficult to finish set goals, or they can be quite driven and rigid often seemingly borderline neurotic in their obsessions! For the flighty type of DPS, this player usually is a bit more flexible and friendly in person often sought for their fun and engaging personality. For the rigid, more inflexible DPS player we see a more deliberate, serious-minded player who tends to set goals and finish them. The inflexible DPS player might not be the most enjoyable personality type to group with, but their seriousness in the game can take these players to a whole different level performance-wise.

What about you guys? Have you noticed these trends, too?

you missed one !!

DPS: Grumpy old man !! I love DPS almost exclusively... Mostly because I'm lousy at the rest ! It helps me to keep me not only goal oriented but my goals are a little more straight forward. I like the idea of healing and helping others.. but frankly I've never been good enough at that sort of thing in order to fulfill the role adequately enough. I guess if healers had a better "DPS" for defensive purpose it might be more interesting maybe ???

As a DPS... I can play the game at a pace that works for me these days ( and still enjoy the game ). I do enjoy helping others in game (particularly when I see them in trouble... I can hop in and lend a helping hand. That's always a lot of fun.

As for the rest: I try not to categorize folks too much. I do know that there are certain personality traits that work better for LS or DS style of game play but beyond that IMO .. I'm not quite so sure !

I think that some times understanding all of that can be an interesting study... but as with all things when looking at people I try not to overly do it.

I do hope this makes sense..