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Scoundrel vs Shadow

Malleable's Avatar

02.25.2021 , 03:18 PM | #1
I've been gone for about a year, and was hoping for opinions that each class has over the other.
I REALLY love the HOTs on Scoundrel. I REALLY love the pbae damage on the Shadows.
What are your thoughts on each class?


mike_carton's Avatar

02.26.2021 , 02:34 AM | #2
Shadow Advanced Class has a Tank Discipline and 2 DPS.
Scoundrel Advanced Class has a Healer Discipline and 2 DPS.

So it can be difficult to discuss them together or compare them. It's far easier to compare
- 2 Disciplines with same role (Tank, healer, or DPS)
- when the purpose of the comparison is known. Is it for Story? Solo PvE? Endgame content like Operations? PvP?
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Malleable's Avatar

02.26.2021 , 07:02 AM | #3
I solo PVE (four box). I never PVP or raid. Just log in for an hour or so when I have the chance. I can do Heroic Missions.

Dmnqwk's Avatar

02.26.2021 , 08:13 AM | #4
Lethality operative. (Ruffian Scoundrel). Also for note Sin = Shadow, Op = Scoundrel.

I currently have 2 sin tanks 1 sin dps 1 lethality op an 1 medicine op at 75, so I have had time to practice with each.

For fast killing, you wont need AoE as Infiltration because you Stride > Force Breach (you must take Stalker's Swiftness in the heroic tier for this) > any other ability you like to finish them off. Then repeat ad nauseum because Stride's cd was reset killing the thing.

For AoE killing, hands down Ruffian now because you Bushwhack > Point Blank Shot. With the Viral Elements Tactical you PBS one you PBS them all inside Bushwhack (so a single 30k strike now does 30k to everything nearby, pretty much murderizing the entire group.

I haven't yet seen a reason to play Serenity as overall the damage is quite low versus Infiltration (and I main Kinetic anyway) but hopefully this helps you decide that if you want to do things quickly, my times for a Veteran Star Fortress are very similar (about 15 minutes) with Kinetic (maybe a bit slower on bosses, even skanking it, at 17), Ruffian or Infiltration. I haven't tried them as Serenity or Scrapper, though Sawbones was definitely way too slow to warrant doing a second time haha.

Malleable's Avatar

02.26.2021 , 10:46 AM | #5
Thanks for the detailed reply! I'll try out your recommendations.