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How to improve as a healer?

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How to improve as a healer?

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02.06.2015 , 03:02 AM | #11
For your goal, reviewing your own combat logs is almost worthless. Instead, ask another healer of the same class about how he and his co-healer approach a fight or situation.
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Guides and Model for Healing
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02.06.2015 , 08:21 AM | #12
i don't usually watch logs when healing, and more so with the new ops where avoidable damage not being avoided can change the data surprisingly. i'd take it as a tool in case of serious issues or to split the efforts with your co healer in the best way, especially about hots and barriers/buffs
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02.06.2015 , 01:13 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Kacynski View Post
Thanks again @all and special thanks for Orderken for the guides. These were my first source to got to anyway, when I started healing
I think I already have a good idea about the fights as I used to tank before in my raidgroup, so fight mechanics and what to do in an OP in general I think are not a problem. And with these tips and advise, I think it just basically comes done to getting more experience.

Do you guys also analyze logfiles after a raidnight? If yes, what are you concentrating on?
What healer class are you running?

I Dont generally go through and look at the times I casted ability X but rather I look at this:

Tank Aggro, Tank Damage Taken
Off Tank Aggro, Off Tank Damage taken
DPS Aggro (x4), DPS damage taken(x4)
2nd Healer HPS / EHPS
My own HPS / EHPS

Both healers should roughly have the same average unless for some valid reason there shouldn't be. (Like operatives might have higher HPS but lower EHPS if hes working with a burst healer merc, or if the other healer decided to DPS here and there because nothing requires healing or because he / she thinks you dont need help.

If you failed a pull and your HPS / EHPS is significantly higher / lower than the other healer there might be something wrong with what one of you two is doing during the fight, either due to lack of skill, bad energy management or a bad rotation. (obviously healers don't have a set rotation but they do have a general burst heal rotation to follow)

as for why I look at DPS aggro and damage taken
1. To see if they are avoiding damage / using defensive cooldowns / Avoiding certain damage mechanics
2. To see if they are using aggro drops (might be necessary or useful for certain bosses)

Why I look at Tank Aggro / Damage taken
1. See if he is using his aggro rotation properly
2. See if he is geared right / using his defensive cooldowns

Assuming mechanics arent adding more damage to your DPS / Tanks / Healers Around 3k HPS / EHPS is a decent amount to shoot for always. Some HM and NIM fights might see you / need you (to) do 4 to 5k HPS / EHPS. Where as certain fights might even allow you to contribute a good amount of DPS (especially true in older content)

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03.13.2015 , 10:40 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Orderken View Post
1. Know your class well. For an in-depth guide, follow the link in my signature that's for your healer's class.

2. For most fights, spike damage occurs at predictable moments. Learn these. Ensure that the abilities that you'll need, including any with a long cooldown, are available. Pre-cast if you can.

3. You and your co-healer are a team. For each fight that is challenging to heal, discuss priorities for healing and for handling certain mechanics, such as cleanses.

Just an addition to no. 1, because that point is kept quite general above:
- Read all tooltips to get to know all abilities that buff other abilities, e.g. Rejuvenate for Sages, how to gain Upper Hand for Soundrels etc.
- Learn to evaluate heals by cost <-> healing output relations, e.g. quick, high cost heal vs. long casted, cheap heal, so you can quickly decide which heal to use
- Set up a combo of abilites to counter huge damage spikes quickly
- Resource management beyond using the quick regain ability, e.g. never use a costly ability to top up a player that is on 90% of HP.

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03.17.2015 , 02:26 AM | #15
Every healer has 2 types of buffs from these 3: healing received increase, armour increase and internal/elemental damage reduction. Each one lasts 45s. Have them rolling at least on both tanks for the whole fight.
Remember your raid buffs (Stack the Deck, Supercharged Celerity, Force Empowerment), keep in mind that they not only help dps, but healers also.
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