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Amusement at gear

Goare's Avatar

02.10.2015 , 10:10 AM | #1
So coming back a bit late to check out the expansion, get a few chars up to 60, decide to try some HM FP's (not ops, FP's).

My DPS Jug in full 186's except for some old set bonuses (so many spare basic comms, thnx expansion) and full augments gets accused of terrible gear and poor dps by a group that can't focus fire or target properly, twice. Ok, par for the course, pugs are rarely mensa candidates. So I tank two HM FP's on my assassin for a change of pace. Afterwards I realize I'm 172 mainhand/offhand, all 172's except for two 186's (didn't have max basic comms on her like the Jugg), no augments, and 115 absorb rating (hahah, 22% absorb) ... mind you, I didn't notice my terrible, terrible stats till after I'd tanked them.

So that juxtaposition was hilarious to me.

llayles's Avatar

02.10.2015 , 05:12 PM | #2
Yeah that sounds about right.