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Questions for a Sent/Guardian build.

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Questions for a Sent/Guardian build.

Ganja_'s Avatar

05.29.2012 , 07:23 PM | #1
I'm going to be rolling either a jedi here coming up and I had a question regarding dual wielding vs. single and their related dps. I want to roll with a single blade (purely internal rpg decision), but don't want to be another tank (been there done that). So if I rolled a sentinel and chose to only wield one saber, am I going to be nerfing myself too much damage wise? Would I be better off rolling a guardian and spec'ing in Vigilance/Focus. My real question is what would do more damage? Half a sentinel, or dps guardian. Also related could include, does the jedi sage dps AC (telekinetics / balance) merit consideration as well (not interested in shadow - no dual blade either)?

Thanks for your thoughts and advice.