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Agent Wishlist

Destoroyah's Avatar

05.28.2012 , 05:43 AM | #1
I acknowledge that snipers are fairly well off as their damage is concerned, but need major inprovements in utility and their cover system. Operatives on the other hand need mainly just flexibility and some utility to make them more well rounded.

1.) I'd like to see some stances added to the class 2 for each Adv class.
Assault Stance - Sniper: +5 range to all rifle attacks, can use snipe out of cover, and 20% armor penetration with rifle attacks.
Operative: +10 range to snipe, overload shot, cull, and weaking blast, and can use snipe out of cover.

First off the first improvement to cover I'd like to see is for the snipers passive Hold Position to also apply a 5% damage reduction to all attacks made against you in your protected area(aka then enemies got the green shield on them.) The main reason I think cover needs these inprovements is cause most player attacks are force/tech based(THE SHEILDS.(aka Goggles) THEY DO NOTHING!!!). I mean come on you got a big honking shield wall in front of you it should absorb something.

Entrench Stance(uses the current entrench animation) - Sniper only: A additional 5% damage reduction added, your field of protection is increased to 180 degrees, and you become immune to knockbacks, and stuns and incapacitates don't remove you from cover, but still effect you. Has a 1-2sec activation time and requires cover (natural cover always equals too the default values of this ability, just that you don't benefit from the talents that use this stance if not activated.) Optional add a +5 tech resistence to area of protection. I'd like to see tech and force resistances actually implimeted in the game as the tech is already there just that very little ways to actually get it.

Specialist Stance - Operative only: Doubles the effect of tactical advantage and reduces the cooldown of evasion and shield probe by 15secs.

2.) Abilites and talents
Many of these are to address issues with some of the classes weaknesses for operatives it's more utility and for snipers it's more area denial(as are class was tooted as, but barely fills the role.) and use of the new stances.


Eviscerate and Headshot - We don't need two abilities that do roughly the same thing. So give eviscerate to operatives only and headshot to snipers only.
Debilate - Give to operatives only and give snipers a ranged stun similar to bounty hunters and inquisitors with a min cooldown instead of the 45 sec debilate gets.
Legshot - Make this available to operatives too and keep it at 30yrds so they have a closing ability and utility to boot.
Suppressing Fire - Being the one of the weakest Area targeted AoEs especially after defences I'd like to see a 70% snare added to it to add another area denial tool to snipers.
Cover Pulse - The knockback is clunky and slow due to the fact you got to enter cover first to use making it hard to utilize. Make it not require cover to use it and it instantly puts you in cover.
*New Ability(sniper)* Cover Screen - similiar to a mauraders cloak ablility. We throw down a smoke grenade and get 4 seconds cloak and a 25% speed boost. Snipers deperately need a good escape mechanic so they can make some distance so they can set-up again and get at it. 1.30-2 min cooldown.
Evasion - Remove the snipers version as they will now get cover screen and make the operatives include tech and force so they have 3 seconds of immunity.
Entrench - Now I'm not sure if it would be too much to keep, since the defence stance covers some of it's functions. However if it's kept it could be renamed to stalwart defender or something and have its duration reduced to 10 secs.
Diagnostic Scan - Applies stacks of Diagnosed increasing healing recieved by 1% per stack for 10 secs.
Carbine Burst - No longer requires tactical advantage giving operatives a decent aoe ability to use in fights with alot of clumped up enemies. Also receives -20% damage reduction and 1 5-10 sec cooldown.


Cover Screen(tier one of marks tree) - Remove it and replace with a reduction to laze target cooldown. 7.5/15 secs.
Ballistic Dampeners - Change so it grants a charge every 3 secs(2 if in entrench stance) up to three 3 charges total instead of forcing you to leave and reenter all the time to get the charges.
Imperial Demarcation - Remove the cooldown portion and instead make it add that amount to the hard root so it doesn't break so soon.
Snap Shot - Same as before but assualt stance allows it to generate the instant snipe after every 6 secs in cover.
Pillbox Sniper - Just change the name of the entrench ability to the new one.
Seige Bunker - Make it require the entrench stance.
Rapid Fire - Same as normal but when in assault stance makes the refreshed series of shots cost 50% less and the following one 25% less.

Energy Tanks - have it also increase are energy regen rate by 10/20%.
Explosive Probe and Cluster Bombs - Explosive Probe cooldown is a bit much for how vital it is to our tree maybe reduce it by 5-10 secs. As for cluster bombs can we make them stick around a bit longer so it's easier to use them all up. Optional I'd like to see explosive probe be made into a AoE even if it's just 25% of the main damage(not the cluster bombs though).
Calculated Pursuit - Make assault stance reduce how long you have to wait to get the buff again.
Deployed Shields - Keep the balistic shield cooldown reduction the same, but make the damage reduction only apply in entrench stance and only in the field of protection, also the talent adds flank shields increasing entrench stances field of protection from 180 degrees to 270 degrees.
Electrified Railgun - Reduce to 2 talents same effect. Optional - allow all rifle attacks to apply effect.
*New Talent* Electrified Warfare - requires electrified railgun. increases damage of interrigation probe and emp discharge by 10% and adds a electrical damage component to cover pulse.

Slip Away(sniper) - Change to work off the range stun.
Lethal Purpose - Increase the energy regained to 2/4 on poison criticals.
Weakening Blast(operative) - Applies a tactical advantage.

Sedatives - When in specialist stance allows it to be used against targets in combat and out of Stealth. Each rank adds a 15/30 sec cooldown.
Evasive Imperative - When in specialist stance adds immunity to CC effects for the duration.
Med Shield - When in specialist stance allows the shield to be used on friendlies.
*New Talent*With Medical Percision(tier 3 or 4) - increases your crit chance with overload shot, snipe and shiv by 2/4%. If in assault stance overload shot and snipe cost 2/4 less energy.

Collateral Strike - When in specialist stance reduces the reapplication time by 1 sec per rank.
Energy Screen - When in specialist stance doubles the energy regain from dodging.