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Guild Glitch while Server Offline

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Guild Glitch while Server Offline

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07.03.2013 , 11:56 AM | #1
So, this is a little weird. Last night when The Harbinger went offline, I logged onto a toon on Jedi Covenant. It said there were 8 people on in my guild, and I'm not in a guild, and when I ciicked on that notification, there was no roster. Then i created a new character and logged out.

I logged back in, and saw the MOTD from my guild on The Harbinger. It still said 8 people in guild, which was probably how many were on in Shock and Jawa (Harbinger) when the server went down.

I opened the roster again, clicked on "details" and "show offline members" and I could see the roster from Shock and Jawa on The Harbinger. I could see member notes, officer notes, and last played, but the rank fields were blank. And, I could not see my own name.

With the server up this morning, it all seems to be fine, so I don't need any assistance, just letting you know. (I have screen shots)
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